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Imoen Missing Her Powers? Feature or Bug?

Guest Guest Bondari

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Guest Guest Bondari

Hello! I just installed the Ascension mod since I just got a new computer. (I've played Ascension once before, but that was a long time ago!) I'm playing the GOG non-EE version of Throne of Bhaal. I installed the BG2 fixpack first since I read that was required for non-EEs.

When I installed Ascension, it said the mod was installed with warnings, while the other parts like improved dialog said they were all installed successfully. I got a dialog with Imoen pretty quickly where she talks about getting minor Bhaalspawn powers, but she doesn't actually have any powers in her Special Abilities. Is this a bug, or was this just flavor dialog and she doesn't actually get powers? I'm pretty sure I remember her gaining powers throughout TOB with Ascension installed before, but I could be mistaken.

Thanks for the help!

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