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small helm-graphic mod


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eh, got annoyed with mostly ugly helmet graphics, I like the 'plain' helmet more than no helmet at all (for the most part) and much more than the other ugly ones...


modified the code for the remove helmet animation component of g3tweaks (/duck if you have a problem with this, hope not, but if you do feel free to delete this post or whatnot) to give all helmets in the game that currently have a graphic to have the vanilla helmet...


just figured I would throw this out there if anyone dosen't know how\too lazy to code this up and they would like it.


this hardly seems worth putting up an installer package - so make a copy of any mod weidu setup file, rename it "setup-helmchanger.exe", then create the directory 'Helmchanger', inside it create the file "helmchanger.tp2" and the directory "backup", then add the following to "helmchanger.tp2".



BACKUP ~helmchanger/backup~
AUTHOR ~lexx0@bellsouth.net~

BEGIN Vanilla Helmets

COPY_EXISTING ~SW1H01.itm~ ~override/helmchanger.lexx0~

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.itm$~ ~override~
   READ_SHORT 0x1c "itemtype"
   READ_SHORT 0x22 "helmtype"
   PATCH_IF ("%itemtype%" = 7 AND "%helmtype%" > 0 ) BEGIN
     WRITE_ASCII 0x22 H0


Alternatively, you could add everything from "BEGIN Vanilla Helmets" down to another mod if you know the right spot to put it (near the end).. this would be less cluttery to the install directory.


appologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum



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