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New mod: Watcher's Keep Multiplayer Conversion 1.1


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Mod: Watcher's Keep Multiplayer Conversion

link: http://www.goicz.wz.cz/dl/WKMC11.zip

forum: http://addoncz.jinak.cz/viewtopic.php?t=192


author: MCZ

version: 1.1 EN, CZ

game: BGII (ToB is required)

thanks to: Vlasak, Razfallow, drake127, Anthrax


This is my second version of my new mulitplayer conversion of BGII. WKMC is multiplayer mod for Baldur's Gate, which is situated in Watcher's Keep and edits some game rules.


1.1 - news

- added Deidre to the pocket plane

- edited start location: pocket plane

- edited pocket plane (area, scripts)

- edited window Character Arbitration

- characters go to new levels more quickly

- removed dualclassing

- removed WeiDU installer (except language setup)

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