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What's up with Edwin's graphic?

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Late in Shadows of Amn, I noticed Edwin began to exhibit...poor graphical movements. The colour of his robes turned grey and he ceased to flail his arms when casting spells. Originally, I deduced this as a side effect of the colour scheme/graphic scheme of Edwina, but Edwin's script broke early in this particular game so i never got far enough to have him transform.


This mess has been extremely problematic. In Shadows of Amn, I was able to rever the colour change by porting in (through scripting) a Belt of Gender Change, which caused him to go girl for a bit. Then, I either killed him or removed the curse, although killing usually resulted in nasty side effects, like the crossing over of female sounds onto the male body.


Immediately, without fail, upon entering Throne of Bhaal, Edwin regains his hideous graphical hinderances, IN ADDITION to the awkward female sounds and misplaced normal sounds (IE, his response to an action is sometimes, "Bah! Useless weapon".


Even when scripting in a POLYMORPH(FEMALE_MAGE_HUMAN) and then MALE_MAGE_HUMAN, Edwin will *not* polymorph! Every other character does, but he remains static. What is this?

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