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*/Wild Mage Dual Classing Problems

Guest Zeno

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Hello, looking for some help as I've become stumped on this. Trying to run a BG2 game with a Thief/Wild Mage character (dualling to Wild Mage immediately in Irenicus' Dungeon). Running through what I've found on here and PPG I've figured the easiest way was with Shadowkeeper, changing the kit to Wild Mage before I dual classed over from thief.


Problem I'm running into now is when I choose to dual class, I choose Mage, and run fine til I pick the first level spells. It gives me 3 spells to take, but no matter what two I choose first (whether including or excluding Dweomer's) the last one always gives me the opposing spell school error (something along the lines of the rest of the choices must be within the chosen school of spells, highlighted in green).


So far my best guess has to do with the fact that with the wild mage kit picked in SK, my character in game has the 3 wild mage spells (dweomer and shields) in his spellbook before he even dual classes, and I've tried removing them with SK but they reappear there in the edited save. And seeing as I can't do anything with the spellbook as a thief, I'm in the hole I've dug here.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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