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BG compilation

the bigg

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The content are as follows:


1 dvd - BG1, all locales

1 cd - TotSC, only English locale

1 dvd - SoA, all locales

1 cd - ToB, only English locale


ToB needs to be patched. apply the one related to your localization (or the English one if you want english texts). Sounds will be in your locale in SoA and in English in ToB.

If you do a full install, move {bg2}/italian/movies/movintro.bif in cd2/movies and {bg2}/italian/movies/movend.bif in cd4/movies. It may not be needed, but I had to do this after tweaking the .ini.


TotSC will not run on non-English systems. Simply download the International directX 8 patch and install it. Care not about this if you plan on using either Tutu or BGT.

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