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Beta-Testers Still Needed for Hubelpot

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Hubelpot, everyone's favorite vegetable merchant has been reborn with multiple new banters and interjections, and one a brand-new miniquest for SOA (well, ok, we're still coding that last, because we just wrote it--but it is written, and it's fun!).


Who is Hubelpot, you ask? You're not alone in wondering; Hubelpot is an adventurer-by-accident, a druid turned vegetable merchant who gets into some trouble over money, asks for CHARNAME's help, and finds himself learning battle slavers, kill dragons, and cook over a campfire (he's an excellent cook, by the way).


To learn more, go to: here.


SOA 1.0 is now coded, and we could use the help of anyone who will welcome Hubelpot into their party. We need to know what works, what doesn't quite work, and what more work is needed.


If you are willing to play through with Hubelpot, please PM me, either here or at Spellhold Studios, or contact SConrad at SpellholdStudios.net. You'll need the password for the beta-testing forum.


Oh, and by the time you're through with the SOA portion, TOB should be all ready for you to beta. Come on over!

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Just an update: We've had a couple people volunteer to test, but could still really use another few. I notice some folks are listing Hubelpot as a party member--Why not PM for the beta-testing password and add the latest version to your party? There are several additional banters and interjections, so you'll only make the game more enjoyable that way--and you'll be doing a good deed :suspect: What could be better? :down:

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