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Grey Acumen's Kit Improvements

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Grey Acumen’s Kit Improvements beta


For SoAonly, SoAw/ToB, or TUTU



Okay, my first real Mod is Finally complete! It almost feels weird. I must have spent years fiddling around on and off with Weidu and other editing programs and not getting anywhere, then suddenly all in about the last couple months, everything clicked and I just started tearing through my various plans. The past 3 weeks I experienced huge leaps and bounds and even created new spell icons and spell animations for some of the new spells I added. There are 4 main components to this mod right now. Each has their own Readme File which gives all the credits and stuff and all the particular details of each. Or you can go over to http://blacksheepclan.net/baa/index.php?board=94.0 to check it out and discuss or comment on.


Improved Wizard Slayer – Probably the suckiest of the two sucky kits in the game. I have been working on this for years. Numerous effects and spells went into this, as well as a custom item icon for his dispelling touch abilty.


Improved Beast Master – The second suckiest of the sucky kits. This was actually the first project that I finished, and I had to learn a huge amount of scripting to make it possible. I then went back and modified a little to add in 2 custom spell icons.


Mime Bardic Kit Addition – Just a really basic thing. Similar in some ways to the Jester, he has 8 Mime only spells which he can learn, one of which (Invisible Box) has a custom spell animation for. A simple one, true, but it is still customized.


Improved Spells – Very basic, all it has right now is the attempt to balance, to some degree, the Use Any Item HLA, so that it has a limited duration each day. There is also a slight improvement to the Druid/Ranger spell Entangle, which at level 9 lets it only affect enemies. At Level 27, the enemies receive no saving throw, however Rangers are not able to access this feature do to their casting limitations.

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