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CoM: Nathaniel V3 released


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Version 3 of the Nathaniel NPC mod is now available.


NOTE: This version of the mod requires installation of the BG2 Fixpack.


Download links:





For an overview of the mod, look here


Summary of changes for this version:

-Typographical errors fixed and major dialogue changes and additions

-Added the possibility of remaining friends with Nathaniel after Jaheira's and Aerie's romance conflicts under certain circumstances

-Flirt, interjection and banter timing bugs fixed

-Updated to Weidu-196

-Added Kelsey banters

-Made a custom kensai kit to prevent dual-classing of Nathaniel

-Enabled completion of the romance if Bodhi does not kidnap Nathaniel

-Trimmed audio clips

-Converted dialogue files to d/tra format for future translations

-Changed Nathaniel's default portrait

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