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(Reading Fixpack.TP2...) Only my suggestions about specifics


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I have just read in the Fixpack.TP2 (oh yeah, slowly, but continiously, I go forth reading this loooong thing and fix in my game, what I don't have fixed yet... - not very much to fix for me, but I have to control all, which takes much time) this:

specifics errors safe to ignore (?)


Don’t ignore specifics errors! The Specifics value in the .cre-files is grapped from Groupshout scripts: if enemy have all the same specifics and are a group, it is mostly recognized by the "InMyGroup"-trigger in shout-scripts, but this trigger can also be in the specific-script itself or in another script, that is not nessecary named with "groupXXX" (e.g. the fighting AI scripts for creatures, etc.)


The specific-scripts can also be set by another script, the creature has vie "changeAIscript" command, as the NPCs do that for the NPC-fights in your group – they _can_ on the other hand set by Area on every creature that is Actor there, which is not ever easy to see, even if you have good editors ;).


So my advice: Don’t ignore specifics errors over all – check first, if you can ignore it (or not) by searching for script-commands related to groups, and, if the creature is Actor in an area, in the area too, if it has there a specific-script :).


(yes, I love the "Find References" function in NI :) )





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