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(un)Holy Word


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i have a feeling these spells should bypass magic resistance.

sadly, i couldnt find valid ad&d resources on this (other than phb and dmg), but here are my arguments:


- the spell is not targeted on a creature

- it is not the word that affect creatures (no hypnosis here), but

- the spell invokes kinda explosion of positive (negative) energy, which, in turn, affects creatures

- positive (negative) energy is not subject to mr. after all, vampires drain levels from resistant creatures just fine.


having said that, i'm thinking of (un)holy smite in a vary similar way.

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I understand what you mean, but similar arguments could be made for all area-effect damage spells...


If I were a BG2 GM, I could be swayed to the opposite opinion: MR affecting creatures' energy drain attacks.

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