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Guest Orions_Stardom

Ok, two major questions relating to the fact that I have just recently (read: about 7 hours ago) installed Mandrake Linux 9.0 onto my laptop.


1) The LCD display has a setting in BIOS which stretches the display onto the full physical dimensions of the screen (or close to). Without this, the display area is a tiny little box in the centre that I have trouble working in (even at the highest supported resolution). The problem is, that when I load X it turns this setting off. Always. Is there any easy way to fix this?


2) I want to test my thumbdrive under Linux to see if it will work. Thing is, I don't know how to look at it. In Windows, I would go to 'My Computer', and it would be there. In DOS, I would type E: (which it always has been on the laptop). How do I do something like this in Linux? I cannot find any way to get a drive listing in the GUI, nor can I figure out how to change drives in the command line. I do have one Unix/Linux book here, but it mentions them to support multiple partitions, but not how the user would switch between them, aside from booting.

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