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Old Jaheira looping dialogue problem

Storm Rider

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I have experienced a bug that is apparently well known, after reading different forums, but is a bug that has supposed to have been fixed. I am finding that Jaheira is repeating her conversation about how the last battle made me feel. I have seen the same dialogue about six times now since arriving on the island where the Asylum is. She mentioned the same dialogue throughout Spellhold and also at one point with the Shark/fish/lizard men (I can't remember who they are but I ended up there after leaving the island with Saemon).


Seeing as this bug has supposed to have been fixed either via the Fixpack, Tweak Pack or Ease Of Use (which one I am not sure, other than the latter) and despite having the first two mods installed before I began play, is there anyway to rectify it without causing disruption to the romance?


I apologise if this bug is still pending and is listed in another thread. I ran a search and found nothing specific.



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Check the RomanceActiveVariable to see if the romance is still OK?


Check the Lovetalk, it should be odd i.e. not even and then set it back 2, or forward 2.


The Hints & Clua Console section at Lennon's Jaheira FAQ have details about how to muck around with the variables.


The Sorcerer's Place has a mirror of Manveru's Jaheira Page, which the source of all thing Jaheira script related and explains how to set other variables up if you have progressed to far in the story to have "error" states on these variables. Manveru is credited with the Baldurdash Fix pack's original fixes.


The Links section at Lennon's Jaheira FAQ has a link to Valecrion's Walkthrough at PBG which also documents the "Good" variable states.


I don't think this bug was ever fixed, Manveru says its caused by quiting out of the overnight videos too quickly, Sparky the Bardbarian (at PBG) has another theory about being too slow and having lovetalks and story events get out of sync. (I think?)

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Thanks for the information. I'll wait until I am out of the Underdark and Drow City before I try anything. From the links you gave me, there is a possibility that the problem might go away once out of there. If not, then I will use Shadowkeeper to advance the romance.

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