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IWD Tweakpack Question


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I recently decided to try IWD after having played BG, and I'm wondering if I'm having a tweakpack prob or not.


First, what I have:



PentiumIII® processor

128mb ram

ATI rage128

SB audioPCI

Dx9 [did not install dx7 that came with game]


What I installed:


Official Patch [iwdpatch106.exe]

xpt remover [iWD_XPCAP.zip]

Tweakpack [DaleTweak-v4.exe]



What happens:

The IWD screen appears, I click 'new game', create a character and when I press 'Done' it crashes to desktop with the following error:


Assertion Failed in CGameEffect.cpp in line#1388


I've tried creating multiple characters with the same result. Is this a tweakpack problem; and if not, can you direct me to an appropriate forum or site.


Thanks alot


kix :)



According to my Directx info in 'system info'; directx has no errors and tests fine.

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Just an update concerning the problem I brought up.


I uninstalled everything and then re-installed everything one item at a time while checking the game creation/loading.


When I installed the Thieves Abilities with Heavy Armor part of the Tweakpack, the game crashes to the desktop with the 1388 error about 1/3 into the game loading according to the progress meter. Otherwise, everything is now working just fine.



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