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Anyone got DLTCEP v6.2f or v6.2g?


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Hi All,


Anyone got this version lying around, I'll take anything close afterwards but nothing before.


I'm looking for a feature that was reported to be working in these two version but does not seem to work for me in the current (7.0e) or as far back as version 6.7l.


Feature is Mirror Area Vertically, it only seems to partially work now. Does not mirror wallgroups or the map image itself though search, height and light are mirrored.


Hildskialf posted way back that he had success with v6.2g and Avenger had said it should work in 6.2f however he can see no reason why it shouldn't work now either!


Anyone else want to test this go ahead please, perhaps I am just doing something wrong.


If you have one of these versions please email tieflingtail [at] eircom.net

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