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The Genie Embargo

I am no one

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I find my myself thinking about this every time I do this task, that this isn't the full story. I know I'm probly reading to much into this, but it dosn't add up right, like why would Ihtafeer, Rakshasa or not, would not worrent three "Known" genies, and why would the genies get "tiyerd" of hunteding Ihtafeer if she was such an inported criminal to the wouldn't bother with Trademeet but would trick a highly skilled adventurer or a lord to do for them, that saying that they were aloud to in the fist place, and that Ihtafeer was afraid of them, I say because she would of killed them off one by one, not hideing out when your hunters are have there are preocapied with an embargo on a some town so they wounldn't have to do it there selfves ripe for an attack,no she was afraid. Anther thing I find odd that her eyes and mouth were sone shut, she wouldn't have done it herself nor would've your avatar would have the items to do such a thing or would of not even bothered with it regurdless of alignment. May be the roles are not what it seems, may the Rakshasa isn't the bad girl hee hee.


I know Rakshasa are lawful evil but there can be exspation after all deva's are all somesort good but the can fall and demons are always some sort of evil but there is an ofishel race called risen demon wich are what ther names say they are demons that truned good and have been striped of all there power and there inmortaltaity, there look are simeler to a tiefling and are briven by an incurable amunt of gult and an incurable drive to redime them selfes

and there no way the can be known to be good becase they were demons. And the are alignment changing items.


Now I prpose a mod about this, makeing Ihtafeer joinable and romanceable of couse, were Ihtafeer alignment and crime that are base on the your avatar own alignment. And the swiching from evil to good, the good will be tormented by there evil acts, even if didn't do anything.



"Nature is stronth, Technology is weakness"

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