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Game asks me to install TOB again when i open the .exe

Guest DJC123

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Guest DJC123

Hi all.

I just did a clean install last night of SoA + TOB. After official patch i installed these mods in this order:


official patch *

g3fixpack *

one pixel pro *

oversight *

ascension *

turnabout *

quest pack *

dotweak *

tactics *

dungeon be gone *

valen *

soulafein *

tsujatha *

ashes of embers *

divine remix *

eseries scripts *

item packs * (unrepresented items and ruad)

g3tweakpack *

virtue *


a few of these are partial installs only, eg. tactics, tweaks.


anyway i was playing last night fine. but today i tried to start the bg2 exe and i got the 'install' window up instead of the 'play' window. when clicking the symbol it says 'you must install baldurs gate 2: TOB before playing. Install now?'


basically im guessing a mod has changed a registry file or something so now my comp thinks tob isnt installed anymore. any ideas what i can do to fix this?


Thanks in advance

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