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  1. Well, I had tried starting up something last year, check out http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...ic=6667&hl= but the problem is i keep getting myself distracted instead of learning some damn coding!!
  2. Just letting you know I am alive and haven't forgotten about this, far from it. I am planning to rework the dialogue that I wrote into a more compatible version as Domi suggested. I have some learning to do on how to script, and I have a lot of temptation distracting me right now, as I am close to finishing BG2:SOA for the first time. I thought it might be a good idea to play the whole thing before making a mod for it
  3. Good point, I see what you are saying. I was sort of thinking of it as one of those cutscene kind of interactions, where you dont really have a choice, and the characters interject into the conversation. hmmm. I have to think about how to work it if we approach it like a normal choice based conversation.
  4. AAAahh my mistake, Dominique! very sorry! <sheepish grin> Catch you all a little later. Whew. Ok, I got something down. Here it is, what do you think? So I’m thinking we’ll just insert a new conversation item after Minsc introduces Dynaheir as a topic of conversation (Minsc ‘if-then’ sections 1-4?), and if the player chooses the new thread, then we assume that they were a male PC and successfully romanced Dynaheir through the end of BG1. Any other scenario would already be covered by the existing game, and hopefully phase II will take care of platonic grief for a lost companion. Additionally, Imoen and Jaheira were also companions of D and knew of the PC and D’s romance. ============= Minsc: etc. etc. dynaheir is dead… PC: What!? No! Minsc, are you sure? We must find her immediately! Minsc: No <charname>! She is gone! Boo and I have seen her fall with our very eyes! We could not help her… we… STINKING EVIL!! PC: We’ll simply take her to a temple. She must be here! Come, let us find her! Imoen: <charname>… Minsc: She is gone from us! No.. No longer will my witch help us put the boot into evil. My witch… Imoen: <charname>… she… we couldn’t help her even if we could find her. I’m sorry. Jaheira: She has gone to meet the Creator. There is nothing we can do for her now. PC: What do you mean?! We’ve lost people before! Why is she different! Imoen: …Jaheira? Jaheira: <charname>, please try to understand. Sometimes one cannot be returned from Nature after she has called them to her. We have been held in this… prison for some a time now. Whoever captured us left her behind. They were cruel, <charname>. Even had we the chance to find her… body, we could not help her. I also grieve for her loss, <charname>. PC: This cannot be happening! Wh-what did they do to her? Why her? Jaheira: <charname>, we cannot dwell on this now. We must escape as soon as possible. You must control your pain. PC: No! Tell me now! How am I to accept this? I love her! Imoen: (Puts a hand on <charname>’s arm) I’m so sorry, <charname>. I’m so sorry. Jaheira: They hurt her badly, <charname>. You have seen too many battles not to know when a wound is mortal. We could do nothing for her. (pause) She looks upon us from a better place now. It is Nature’s course. It is better this way. Minsc: No! It is not better that Evil has taken Dynaheir from Minsc and Boo and <charname>! This is not right! Jaheira: That is not what I meant, Minsc. I meant… I meant that she is happy now, in the Light. We will all join her there some day. But for now, it is better for her to watch us and smile upon us. We will find those who did this, Minsc. PC: I c-can’t believe this. Not my Dynaheir. N-not my Dynaheir… Imoen: (Hugs <charname>) I miss her too, <charname>. Imoen: …please, <charname> can we go? We’ll find them later. We have to leave now. Please? PC: … PC: (whispers) You’re right, Imoen. You’re right.. PC: We need to leave. And then I need to find whoever did this… I will avenge you, my dearest. =============
  5. AAAahh my mistake, Dominique! very sorry! <sheepish grin> Catch you all a little later.
  6. Beautiful, gentlemen, thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for C. I work with computers so I'm not afraid of techie stuff When I can start on Phase II I'll being doing what you said there Domi.
  7. I think so, but please, double-check, I wrote Shar, worked on Kivan, Valygar and seven original NPCs since Dyna, so my memory wavers Alignment will be restricted also, I guess. As Cmorgan said, there is no use in trying to match romance globals from BG1, because by definition you initiate the mod 'from scratch' in BG2, allowing PC to chose that the romance as, as opposite to transfering the information from BG1 during transition. What will be more useful for you is to register a prefix at BWL and use it for your Globals so you prevent any potential conflicts. I'm working on this now, but I'd like to get minsc's dialogue from the first scene in BG2 to work from. Do you know where I could get that?
  8. Couple of questions: 1. why do you check for the WIS and INT in your query above? Is that to match the original conditions of qualifying for Dynaheir's romance? 2. can you confirm what the end states were for the D romance? Are they as Cmorgan laid out above? It would help to define what text needs to be written.
  9. I'm very happy to see all the ideas flowing here, and I love Domi's name for the mod too. Why not make this something like the phases you seem to have used in other mods? so we could do "Lament for Dynaheir" Phase I - mini-mod just altering the first conversation in BG2 Phase II - all the rest of the stuff I was talking about before. Naming it specifically for Dynaheir will make the focus much clearer as well, this is where I was going anyway. What do you all think of "Dynaheir's Dirge" maybe? too cheesy??
  10. Any suggestions on where to get permissions?
  11. Ok, Summary: Create content to link BG1NPC mod with BG2/ Flirt Pack. Specifically to acknowledge the loss of Dynaheir and Khalid, and help move the PC into a relationship with choices from the BG2 Flirt Pack. I would also work in content with the other survivors of the BG1 group. Details: I have done some searching around here and at pocketplane and sorcerer's area, and I haven't seen anything that addresses continuity between the romance mod for BG1 and the romances for BG2. I'm thinking of diving into the pool and trying to make a mod. I can't say when it will be ready, but I'm trying to get some ideas together, and am going to try to learn about creating a mod from the resources on the typical sites. Basically, my idea is that if you play BG1 with the BG1NPC mod, when you move on and play BG2 nothing acknowledges your actions in BG1 romantically. I am thinking especially of the dyanaheir romance. Additionally, aside from Jaheira and Minsc having some mourning comments, there's hardly any ackowledgement of the loss of your comrades in arms from the PC side or other NPCs. Ideas: I'm approaching this from this specific scenario: based on the initial characters in BG2, the BG1 party would have been made of PC, Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Dynaheir, Minsc. For my initial effort, the PC romanced Dynaheir. Perhaps later I will be able to make more content reflecting the other choices in the bg1npc mod. In BG2, I intend to make content that will allow Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen and PC to commiserate and experience the shock etc. from the loss. I will attempt to work in content reflecting a mourning period between the PC and the romantic choices from BG2, and perhaps have a delaying factor in the Flirt Pack interactions until some closure has been achieved. Now to be perfectly honest, I'm thinking of all this having not played all the way through BG2 SOA/TOB yet, for the first time. I'm aware perhaps it may appear a bit hasty, but I think it could make for a richer experience if I can pull it off. Any suggestions or comments?
  12. vtancredi


    -sorry for the duplicate post, didn't realize I wasn't logged in before- Well, perhaps we have an answer of sorts, is anyone familiar with the NPC flirt pack for BG2? perhaps they have addressed the grieving aspect of things a bit. It is located at http://pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?opt...d=104&Itemid=81 I'll ask on their forums also, but it seems like this might be one way to get that closure/continuity. For example, they have a flirt pack for Jaheira, so it will be interesting to see if they have anything along the lines of mourning for Kalid/Dynaheir in that. I'll ask and follow up here. I can think of a couple instances with Branwen (thank you ). <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  13. vtancredi


    Thanks for clearing that up. I guess that'll have to do. I take it the revenge for Dynaheir will be largely based on Minsc's dialogue then rather than the PCs. That's too bad. I would get a little more out of it if I was able to commiserate with Jaheira, and if I go with her romance, we could console each other. I could see that being one of the ways that the relationship could get started, as we cry on each others' shoulders so to speak, and then forge a bond while going after our mates' murderer. Forgive me if you all have already covered this ground - I did read through quite a bit of the discussions about Dynaheir to see if this has been discussed already, otherwise I wouldn't keep blabbing like this Basically, what BioWARE did in BG2 is they killed off the "second" NPC in the two "paired" character couples. They were Khalid and Dynaheir. Both deaths are blamed on Irenicus and will come up from time to time in the BG2 dialogues, as your reason to want the revenge etc. [start rant] IMO, it was done more in order to free up developer's favorite Jaheira for the romance, and the all-time player favorite NPC Minsc from his "unseparable" companion. During BG1 too many players reported killing off/locking away the "second" NPC to forceably split the "pairs". Khalid and Dynaheir were pretty much always on the losing side. [/stop rant] Minsc's first dialogue contains what we know of Dynaheir's death - that she was killed while he saw it by, presumably, Irenicus. It is not entirely clear where and when it happened (ie dungeon or during capture). Dynaheir's death affects Minsc's mental faculties further, his insanity becoming deeper, as he feels that he failed his dajemma, and this time for good. That is about as much as we know of Dynaheir's fate from BG2. One thing is quite clear though - she is definetly dead and by Irenicus' gang's hand, if not by his own. So, when I did the romantic story, I gave it a romantic twist, making Dyna to sacrifice herself in attemot to save PC, and after some deliberations I obscured Irenicus and Co into "mysterious strangers", since a lot of people feel that it were the Thieves, not Irenicus in person who captured the party. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  14. vtancredi


    So that will be it then for Dynaheir? If you wouldn't mind, could you make it more clear for me? I gather it must have been Irenicus and his people that were following us, but how did they know Dynaheir, and why kill her instead of bringing her to the dungeon with the rest of us? Thanks again for your time. Victor You can get the relevant information from Minsc during the first dialogue with him (while he is still in the cage). The Cutscene is tied into that BG2 piece of lore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  15. vtancredi


    Thanks for the reply, Domi. One question, which I think will be a spoiler for those who haven't finished BG1 with the mod: SPOILER So I finished it finally today, after barely beating that bastard Sarevok (what a battle!). I got a cut scene afterwards with Dynaheir and some mysterious people that had been following us, and then they appeared to have killed her as she held them back for me? I think this is what happened. I have now started BG2, and the thing that preys on my mind is whether I'll get some resolution to what happened to Dynaheir. In the introductory part of BG2, so far I've found out what happened to Kalid, will there also be some kind of explanation about beloved Dynaheir? Closure?? END SPOILER Poignantly yours, Victor
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