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  1. (Mmm... how do you wrap the list in a fancy package like this one? http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=24033.msg300761#msg300761 )
  2. At some point in the past, I saw a report on this having an inbuild accelerator, even without installing the component that would do it. Could be, but it only seems to happen with the romance part of the banters, the "normal" ones seems unaffected; and the variables for them are in the default values. Here it goes:
  3. Hi there! First time posting in Gibberlins but I've been around for a couple of years now (more like a decad already). So first, thank you all for all your efforts and all the great work you've done in modding; it's invaluable. I can't even think about BG1 without the NPC project X) You're an incredible community I'm writting here because I've encountered a little problem while replaying BG2:EE with a couple of mods and I was looking for help trying to fix it. The "romance" banters are happening at a very fast frequency, like if every "probability check" came out true. I mean, I'm with Viconia and Isra (mod from Spellhold) in the party, and like every 10 minutes or so, first one and then the other (with a couple of seconds of difference between them) start a "romance" banter. It happened also at first with Jaheira. This dialogues are in the correct order of how they should happen but... well, they shouldn't happen at this speed. I've checked my banttimg.2da and all seems correct (frequency, probability; 600, 10) but "normal" banters seems unaffected by this speed problem and I think I've read somewhere that romance banters where controlled by another variable. Anyone knows anything about this variable? Or anyone has experienced something similar? My installed mods are: 1.Unfinished Bussines 2.Banter pack (WITHOUT banter acelerator) 3.Isra 4.LaViconia 5.RomanticEncounters 6.BardicWonders 7.Almateria's Restoration 8.Artaport Portraits 9.QuestPack 10.Rogue Rebalancing 11.CD Tweaks 12.Thaco 3.5 Thank you very much for your help!
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