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  1. It's BG1:EE with ToTSC and SoD expansions. Near Infinity is version 1.32.1, DLTCEP is v7.4. Modmerge is installed but I'm not certain anything I have is using it, I installed it when troubleshooting a different issue
  2. So, I tried pre-generating a .chr file, importing it into DLTCEP, making a few modifications and saving it as a .cre to try and make it a recruitable NPC. The error I get is: Invalid String Ref #74 (Reference: 15728653) so to make sure it wasn't any of my modifications, I opened the vanilla .chr file from the pre-generator, and just tried saving to my NPC project folder and it gave me the exact same error. I'm not super sure where to start with diagnosing and fixing this. Using Near Infinity, I Identified the string as "We have other things to do" Why would this dialogue prevent me from saving a .cre file? Any help is welcome, I'm a noob at this stuff and I've been parsing through various guides trying to figure stuff out. Thanks
  3. Xanatos

    Installation Error

    I forgot I had EEKeeper running in the background, closed it out and it installed and now I have Gavin alongside protagonist (Cavalier), Minsc, Kivan, Alora and Dynaheir. Looking forward to finishing this playthrough.
  4. Xanatos

    Installation Error

    Thanks for the quick reply. That is a good idea, unfortunately I'll have to wait till I get off work to test it out.
  5. Xanatos

    Installation Error

    I'm new-ish to the modding scene, and with how much I've been enjoying the NPC Mod I wanted to try out Gavin, seeing as there is a dreadful shortage of Clerics (at least ones i want to use, i can only play through with viciona and branwen so many times) in BG:EE. Coincidentally, my current good party was waiting on Yeslick, who I usually don't pick up because of his not being available till later. So if I could insert Gavin into the game, it would be perfect. My current issue is when I try to do the install on my copy of BG:EE (Win10, 64bit) everything goes correct until Installing [Gavin: Player Initiated Dialogue] [14] BG:EE install detected. loading 1 tra file Checking for required files ... Compiling 1 dialogue file ... Compiling 1 dialogue file ... Extending game scripts ... FATAL ERROR: Sys_error(".\\lang\\en_us\\dialog.tlk: Permission denied") But the weird part is, I'm running the install as administrator, and none of the files within my BG:EE folder have restricted access on them. Any help would be welcome, as I'm eager to make use of him. Thanks in advance
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