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  1. Hi Jarno, Thanks for your reply. I admit that my knowledge about G3 as a modding community is scarce. From your reply I sense my initial post having failed in communicating my intent (I wanted to keep it concise, not to bore the reader into moving along ). For the interview(s) I have no set requirements but that a person considers themselves a modder of digital games in one way or another. So, which corporate structure that supports current projects or whether you have been approached by the industry is not relevant for this study. I most likely have preconceived ideas on this one, but I assume that a modder has not dedicated one's life to one project/engine/corporate structure only, but instead have taken part in multiple, and in turn multiple communities, and as such have a pretty good idea about the bigger modding community and in turn, studios/publishers attempt to establish a relationship (please tell me if I got this completely wrong). Whether or not one has experienced these attempt from corporate actors, I think is not a necessity for the person to formulate an opinion about it. It is this opinion that I am interested in.
  2. Hi everyone! First of all, I apologize if I'm crossing any written or unwritten forum rules by posting this. My name is Daniel and I'm a master's student in Media and Communication at Malmö University, Sweden. I'm a gamer myself, with an interest in the economic marked of the digital game industry. - Mostly how it is perceived and experienced by different types of players/users. I'm currently writing my master thesis on the relationship between modders and the digital game industry, with a focus on "recent" corporate strategies such as Bethesda Creation Club, Steam Workshop etc. Therefore, I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to help me out, by giving me some insights into your universe in an interview? If you have any questions about my research, the details of the interview or anything else, feel free to write here or send me a private message.
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