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  1. Hi, I did an install a year ago, so I have forgotten a number of choices I made back then concerning eet tweaks. Looking at my weidu log, I see that I have total xp cap turned off, and xp gains reduced by 50% (quest rewards and monster kills). I have read else where that there is a separate cap that is active until you have finished Bg1 and sod. Is there a preliminary xp cap that I can run into before I finish sod? I can't rerun eet tweaks, and I don't want to start a new install.
  2. Thanks, and if not then I would have to do a fresh install. How do I manually change xp values, I've read about that.
  3. Can I run EET Tweaks mid playthrough to alter values? I want to change BG1 xp cap values as well as quest / killing mob xp rewards, but I have already started this EET run.
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