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  1. Resolved through proper deletion of files and reinstalling. Sorry for taking up your time Cheers, J
  2. I had Ascension, SCS and Tweaks Anthology installed at the time. Uninstall and Reinstalling fixed it though
  3. Hi David, Thanks for replying so quickly! I installed it fresh and didnt start a game until ascension and scs was installed. Could it be i have some "leftover" files from before, or that the game from steam is missing or moved a folder/file? I tried searching my computer for files named "baldur" but cant find anything and not sure what to look for. Apologies for these questions, obviously i am not the best at this Cheers, J
  4. Hi guys, Just tried reinstalling 3 times but still getting the same error: 1) IWD spells appear in the spell book but are "invalid", with no descriptions though the spells work when cast. 2) Ease-of-use AI script has not installed at all I am not skilled enough to detect the problem so I uninstalled bg2 from my computer and deleted the folder. Proceeded then to reinstall from Steam directly and then SCS. 3 times later still the same result. Hopefully it is an easy fix (like moving a folder, or pasting an override). If anyone can help, it would be
  5. WeiDU - Copy.log Hi, I am getting the following message when installing this component: ERROR Installing [Improved battle with Irenicus in Spellhold], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 14 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 8100. Uninstalled 14 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 8100. ERROR: Out of memory Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG and look for support at: For help troubleshooting installation problems, go to the Sword Coast Stratagems forum at forums.gibberlings3.net.
  6. I had a "fix"..... I consoled in Sendai, and then continued with the "setglobal" command as above, this then triggers the statues and the drow. However throughout the entire statue fight I had to face the Real Sendai, and once the statues were dead, the 2nd Real Sendai pops in. Killing either one to 1 hp causes the dialogue to occur after all the statues are dead. Once the conversation with the solar is done, you reappear in the enclave where the 2nd remaining Real Sendai attacks you.... Very frustrating indeed. Any help appreciated!
  7. Hi all, Having a big issue in the fight with Sendai in her enclave - after the first statue dies, none of the other statues trigger. In addition, no additional drow forces enter so I am basically stuck after killing the first statue. Anyone else encountered this before or am I the lucky first? Mods installed: atweaks, dungeons be gone, ascension, scs. Any help appreciated! Edit: To add, using clua console to advance does not trigger anything SetGlobal("SPRITE_IS_DEADsendai2","GLOBAL",1) Cheers, J
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