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  1. No problem. Still waiting for note about how to pass Bunger character problem
  2. V2.2, from SHS forum (while SHS forum works - actually no) and got the latest version BG 2:EE on Steam. Ofc, im not sure CtB causes that problem, because i have a lot of another mods installed and maybe it can be someone of them.
  3. Ok, thanks. Im waiting for it the "how to fix" post xd. Imo, i have another problem. I also have mod called Check The Bodies, and it's add additional locations in crypt of the Lich Kangaxx (that locations was also in BG 1 (idk how its called original)), but we can found them in the end 4 chambers with different mobs/elementals, after clean all 4 chambers (in BG1) that shall TP us into chess table. Im don't know Chech the bodies adds 1:1 same locations and scripts, but if yes, after clean last chamber when i should TP, my game just crash. Idk why, and how to fix it.
  4. Hello, im actually kill the Eye God, kill the Cultists and want to save Bulgar, he gonna run near the exit and i have option to say him run because of his mother or just kill him xd. But when i pick "good" way he just stuck (animation start, but his position reseting immediately). I cant talk with his mother so simply quest is bugged. There is some Global Variable or command to force this quest forward ?
  5. Ok i done with it. But i have latest question. Im using your NPC_EE, and want to give Minsc and others points. In your mod Dual-wield have only two "++" in dual-wield, but in-game i can still put three points. Here in attach: Why ? xd (i install as you see, your NPC_EE as latest mod)
  6. Please, check my previous post, i edit it. I found the problem
  7. Ok. Nvm, i found the problem... Im back honors for you, sorry :(. Problem is my save on my modded game BG:EE / SoD. When i import my character with your mod its causes that problem with "..." lines. When i try to create new character its works fine. Sooo. Maybe its cause because on BG:EE i doesn't have your SCS mod at all? If yes, can i do with that something that ? Or how i can create same character with same statistics for BG2 with SCS working ?
  8. Ok, i will test it without EEUI Tweaks, may it cause problem. I will say it here when i done with it
  9. Ye. I said "i report it" but i see the mod creatore subtledoctor is here . Im check for myself your lang file in Polish (english also), and both files have some lines with "...", maybe its causes it ?
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