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  1. I have to create a second post here because I feel I have to adress a few points raised by @Kilivitzabove. During my presence, nobody was banned or warned for criticizing games and the company. Not one user. Even all the folks present here got moderation action for other reasons. The amount of bans decreased greatly after 2016. What you say about the 2012-2016 period is completely untrue but I don't feel I should explain it. The high standards are not double standards. Being a long-time contributor or popular as a user is not a guarantee against moderation action. I ca
  2. Hello, everyone! I'll post in this topic only once because it seems questions and assumptions will never go away but it feels wrong to explain in one community something that happened in another community. We have very high standards for conduct on the Beamdog forum. It's a company's forum, not some random community interested in gaming. When we make a moderation decision we take into account all possible aspects, from the history of the user to their contributions to the community. Yet, we're trying to stay as neutral as possible and thus no user is not immune to moderation decisions. We
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