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  1. ouf good to know...then this might be a case were its better to just make it manually and pack it in with the mod. Thanks!
  2. Ill keep this one in mind, I already have most of the code I need to make it work otherwise, but if the last part is too complicated ill try this.
  3. ouf.. ok so I'm trying to do all this in Weidu, I figured out how to add the penalty, but I cant figure out how to clone the entire spell effect. The closest I can find is the CLONE_EFFECT function... but I don't think that actually for ability effects, only the specific opcodes within them.
  4. Yeah but then I don't learn how to code the more basic stuff. And in cases were there's a lot of files that I could otherwise just make my own, if I need to update something I just update some lines of code instead of having to open every file and edit. So I made sure to get in the habit of only using code when possible.
  5. I'm making a mod of the Beast Master kit and one of the changes I want to do is replace the rangers Charm Animal ability with one that has a penalty to the target. After this I need to change the Beast Masters 2DA file to give it this new spell. But since Rangers get Charm Animal 15 times, I don't want to put 15 lines of almost the exact same code, so I want to use a For loop to make things simpler... except I'm having trouble figuring it out. The file is CLABRN04.2DA. Charm Animal is GA_SPCL311 and its set from level 1 and every 2 levels after that:
  6. Problem is that is messes up find familiar for other classes. Unless there's a way so that if its a beast master, it will THEN alter an existing familiar but wont if its anything else. Or you uninstall the mod before a different playthrough to get the regular familiar. I just wanted it to be more useful aside from just granting an HP buff and then being in the bag forever. Besides, aside from the familiar I'm also moving the summon animal spells the kit gets to lower levels and it will get access to the IWD version of Conjure Animals. So there will be plenty of beasts around. Also th
  7. well poop... yep... I guess that idea is out, maybe go the permanent companion route? Add a polymorph to the companion to turn it into something else? Then the companion needs to become stronger as you level up so I need to make a bunch of scaled up versions.... But there are mods that do that already. So I might have to scrap this idea then...
  8. I was thinking of adding a permanent companion but I had no idea how to do it. My plan was just to make it a ferret with 75% in thief skills that doesn't lower you constitution score if it dies. Although I just ran into another wall, the opcode for find familiar uses FAMILIAR.2DA to see what to give you, but it only exists in BGEE, IWDEE and BG2EE don't seem to have it, and I cant find equivalents in them. I'm assuming theres 2 of them in BG2 since the familiars have higher stats in ToB.
  9. Ah! That's perfect!.... but how do I make it so that Find Familiar checks both your alignment and your kit before casting? So far I have this but no idea how to implement the check: COPY_EXISTING ~spcl342.SPL~ ~override/spcl342.SPL~ LAUNCH_PATCH_FUNCTION ~ADD_SPELL_EFFECT~ // Find Familiar changes alignment to NG if a beast master. INT_VAR opcode = 57 target = 1 t
  10. Ooooh that's interesting. Is this doable in Weidu? If so how would a zero second change work?
  11. oh! ok now I get it, thanks! So how would I make it that the bonus increases at certain levels if I did it like that?
  12. What do you mean? cant I just change the bonus for opcode 5 since thats the one with the charm effect?
  13. I want to make a mod for the Beastmaster kit. One of the changes I want to make is that the Charm Animal ability that all rangers get is better for Beastmasters. When one uses it I want the target to have a -2 penalty to the save at level 1 and the penalty should increase at levels 6, 12 and 18. I found the file for Charm Animal: spcl311.spl. So to make sure I know what I'm doing: I could make a copy of the spell, assign it to the kit instead of the original. Add opcode #37 to it to add a -2 penalty. Do I put Cumulative Modifier so that something like greater
  14. I was thinking of making a mod for the Beastmaster kit and one of the things I'm considering is changing the Find Familiar spell it gets. For example, lets say I want to make it so that the Beastmaster always gets a ferret companion, how would I do that? I know FAMILIAR.2DA is what the game checks to see what familiar to give but changing it affects anyone who uses the spell. Is it possible to make a different list and have it check that one instead? I know that find familiar is its own opcode, but I can find other Find Familiar mods. How extensive is it change? And is it possible to t
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