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  1. As always, I'm curious to hear how you like the German translation of the mod. I'd be glad if you'd drop a brief comment here.
  2. Try to think about where you usually take all the weird stuff you find (broken swords, strange gems, the remains of the dragons you slay...) and who makes really nice stuff out of all that junk... There you'll get a hint on where to take the hides.
  3. Fey

    Where do you find Amber?

    Edit: Aww, too late. >.< Btw, as far as I know, there are no problems with Jan in the new version.
  4. Fey

    Amber's German Translation

    The above post is mine, forgot to log in. Btw, how did you like Amber's German soundset?
  5. Fey

    Amber's German Translation

    That's strange, I'm sure I translated the three different choices you mention. I'll see if I can find something, but a mistake like that sounds as if there's something wrong with the .tra and the corresponding .d string - but that's just my guess, I just can't find any better explanation. Edit: Do you remember which NPC you caught bathing? I played through the dialogue just fine, with all the dialogue choices in the right place, but I had only Amber with me and couldn't check if the error occurs if you spot either Valygar, Korgan, Viconia or Aerie.
  6. If there's anything you'd like to comment on the German version of the mod, post it here. General feedback is always welcome, but I'd be also glad to hear about all the mistakes the translation still contains. As I said in the bugs thread, I'll try and correct all gender errors I can spot, plus loads of typos that escaped my proofreader's eyes. Well... I'm thankful for everything you can report, and I'm curious to hear your opinion on the translation. Fey EDIT: Besides, I'm also curious to hear your opinion on the German soundset, any feedback on our voice actress is highly welcome.
  7. Fey

    More bugs (2.4)

    Heya, I apologize for all the translation errors. I spotted lots of typos myself and will make a text fix as soon as I can. Honestly, I re-read the text about three times only to correct gender mistakes that result in using Trados and copying 100% matches without double-checking for the genders. And believe me, I spotted *lots* of those little mistakes that sneak their way into the text without you even noticing it. In any case, thanks for playing the German version, I hope you like the translation in general despite of the gender mistakes. I'll be thankful for any specific line you can remember, and I promise to thoroughly proofread everything again. The P2 lovetalks were bound to cause problems, I knew it... >.< Especially all the different P2 parents and childhood talks drove me crazy... Trados can be a two-edged sword. I'll open a separate thread for the translation, so that we can discuss my errors there - they aren't real bugs, after all, but HUGE thanks for reporting them.
  8. Fey

    Vacation notice

    Yeah, enjoy your holidays! Nadja
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