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  1. It's a pleasure to read you. I checked and there are only the regular potions on sale at his shop/ but I am still at chapter 3... Do you think it could be available in the future of my playthrough?
  2. Sorry, I meant I don't find the potion of magic blocking, wich I don't find at Roger's shop...
  3. Hello I am playing BG2EE V2.5.16.6 with some mods: Weimer Item upgrade, Ruad item upgrade, sod2bg2, Spell Revision and SCS 33.4 I have already made some great items with the sod2bg2 mod, thanks for the work!! But I have one question concerning the Star-strewn boots The recipes spoiler indicates: I have the 2 last ones, but I don't know where to find the first ones ?? I imported my character from BGEE with some of these, but it seems that they are not in the BG2EE game... Does anyone have an idea? Thank you!!
  4. Hi! I finally managed to install SCS I tried with former versions, and it worked with the 33.4 version! Thank you for your help!!
  5. Do you think it could work with old versions of SCS? Is it possible to put the missing file in weidu_external/lib prior to the setup? Where can I find it? Thanks for your works and happy new year!
  6. Ok @subtledoctor This problem appears for any components of stratagems that I try to install: I showed the debug log with the "replace +1 arrows" , but this is the same for any other. I tried to install IWD spells first but it fails the same way. I tried different combinations but this is always the same error message
  7. Thx everyone!! It's a pleasure to read you * * There was already a folder weidu_external in the main directory. It contains only a backup folder/ it is empty. I created a lib directory. But it didn't fix the problem, here is the debug: I am not really used to programmation but it seems that the problem rely on the lack of the file weidu_external/lib/lib_ini.tpa ? it also seems that it's not possible to create anything in the backup folder, isn't it? And what do you think of the fact that "stratagems "appears 2 times in the list of Mac Os weidu launcher (cf. 3rd post) ? Thx so much!!!
  8. Thx again @Jarno Mikkola! I tried with Weidu V247.00, but there I have another problem: The setup doesn't launch properly. It was not he case with the V246.00. Here is what it shows when I try to launch it with Mac Os Weidu Launcher V7.5.247 Or directly by executing the setup-stratagems I precise that I gave the "read and write" authorisations to the files... I am once again totally lost
  9. What do you think about this trouble during the setup of the components of SCS? Is it possible to fix it? I would really love to try this new way of playing
  10. @Jarno Mikkola thank you for your quick answer! Here is the stratagems.debug: I was wrong: I was on SCS 33.7 One weird thing is when I launch MacOs weidu launcher, "stratagems" appears 2 times in the list (see screenshot) / It was not the case for the other mods. I tried to launch the setup with both of them, but the same problem appears. I also noticed that if I ask to display the readme it works, but nothing happens for Icewind Dale spells, Gameplay tweaks, AI enhancements and Tactical Challenges. Is that normal?
  11. Hi everyone I am very new to modding this wonderful game. I have just managed to properly install my first mods: Item upgrade, Ruad item upgrade, sod2bg2, Spell Revision. And then I try to install Sword Coast Stratagems V33.7, but it doesn't work: it launches the program but when I try to install any component, it says: " ERROR Installing [Replace +1 arrows and other projectiles with nonmagical "fine" ones], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 0 files for [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2] component 3010. Uninstalled 0 files for [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2] component 3010. ERROR: Sys_error("weidu_external/lib/lib_ini.tpa: No such file or directory") " I am playing on BG2EE V2.5.16.6, on MacOs 10.11.6 I use Mac OS Weidu launcher V7.5.247 to help for installing the mods above. I don't find how to get the "weidu log". Does anyone have any idea? I thank you for your kindness if it seems dumb, I am totally lost * *
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