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  1. Huh. Okay, I get how it works, more or less. I'll keep that in mind, and I'll look for that thread later, just in case I ever need that kind of effect. Guess that answers all the questions I had for now, so thanks to all of you once again for helping out.
  2. So it can't be done then? That's kind of a shame if that's the case, but on the other hand it's not like I really needed a special anti-spider sword, I was just curious because I randomly opened up that one item and couldn't find what made it tick.
  3. Damn, I was saving it like "FrostHands.spl" and such, but now that I read your post I tried saving it as SPWI119.spl and it worked. Oh man, I knew it was something dumb on my end. Yeah, I didn't even consider that I had to follow proper naming conventions, like when you're adding custom portraits and such. Thanks to both of you for responding, looks like I can get started on working on spells. There's one more thing that I'm interested in now that I spent some time messing around with items, if you don't mind me asking: How do I apply bonuses vs enemy types to weapons? For example,
  4. Nah, it wasn't set to IWD2 v2.0. I'm assuming it shouldn't be set that way considering the game just crashed when I did try setting it just in case. I did try opening multiple instances but there doesn't seem to be any differences in any of the settings. I dunno, like I mentioned, even just renaming an existing spell and saving it under a different name, without changing anything else, makes the "new" spell unusable. Feels like just the fact that I'm doing something to it is enough to cause it to mess up the triggering.
  5. Hi, I figured I'd try to make an account here to ask for help since I can't find any info about my specific problem anywhere else. Sorry if this is too much text for a possibly simple question but since I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly (and not sure what I'm doing in general), I'll give you as much details as possible: So today I decided I'd try my hand at making new items and spells for Icewind Dale (specifically IWD Complete Edition, with HoW installed and all that) after hearing how easy DLTCEP is to use. I never actually tried to mess with a game like this, have no experien
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