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  1. Thanks for the help you guys. Yeah it was a mod that changed the way dmg looked but apparently it only works in BG2. Had to do with a file dmgtype.2da or something to that effect
  2. Ok while I reinstalled everything, someone from the beamdog forums said something that I read just before I installed the last mod (one I had forgotten about) it was a override directory only modification that directly changed this thing called dmgtypes.2da and some extra files to try to make them look like the iwd effects. So trying it with and without this mod showed that it was indeed the culprit. Thank you all for your time and for letting me know of the better mod merge!
  3. OK I will give it a go and let you both know how it turns out! Thanks for the assist.
  4. @jastey Oh thanks, seems me and @Jarno Mikkola were talking about two completely different things, I had never heard of this alternative tool. Do I just run it or do you think I need to do a fresh install starting with this new tool?
  5. let me make sure we are speaking of the same thing the file is modmerge.exe yeah? I am unsure why it would not be in the weidu log, but it is the first thing I did. The chitin.key and the sod-dlc.key files are even backed up. In fact I made this mistake in my previous install the second mod on my list would not even install without it.
  6. mmm I am unsure what you mean, if you mean did I use the soddlc merge mod before i installed everything yes I did that, since I have the GOG version of the game I have to use it.
  7. heh it is even worse than that it seems, if I try to use a diff type of weapon dmg like a bow instead of a dagger it says something different like "If you wish to address me dwarf" lol it is all kinds of messed up, good thing is my bg2 dmg strings seem normal so it is something specific to a bg1 install.
  8. Well, I just started a new run and any dmg I do it just says for example. Rat takes 3 Jaheira? Is e-everything alright? damage from CHARNAME WeiDU.log
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