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  1. don't think it works for tutu, i know the readme or somewhere states that it would work for bgt, hope it gets a revision to work properly with bgtutu and its bg2 spell system, it works fine as is (the scs1 mages) but it would rock if they could use bg2 spells in bg1, the low level ones of course.
  2. for bg1 was playing on core difficulty and scs: and bg2 on core difficulty scs2: also using these from tactics: starting xp for bg2 was default however since i was playing it as a straight one game playthrough (candlekeep to throne of bhaal) i used shadowkeeper to keep all the stats (such as the using the int tomes on imoen and the 2 wis tomes on jaheria) and exp for all the npcs i took through bg1, so the starting xp and levels were slightly higher then default because i removed the xp cap when i hit it in chapter 7, so starting exp in bg2 was like so: me: 198216 imoen (dualed to a mage at level 7, then used shadow keeper to change her mage kit into a wild mage, MUCH FUN . exp: 141204 minsc: 195672 jaheira: 187857 i always play with a full party and in bg1npc project i tried to switch in and out npcs to get most content, ill try and keep you updated on my progress through bg2, but im undecided as to weather or not i should have quest xp reduced to 75% as well.. i don't want to be over powered but at the same time i don't want to be underpowered. what do you guys think? will there be enough xp in the game if i set xp to kills 75% traps/spells 25% and quests 75% ? keep in mind i have quest mods and the like so hopefully ill be ok.. but im still not sure on quest at 75%..
  3. im using the xp mod with scs2 and parts of tactics.. its currently set to 75% kills, 25% traps/spells and 75% quests.. im hoping i haven't shot myself in the foot here, i might put quests back to 100 and leave traps and kills as they are.. ive only just got out of iren's dungeon so i cant comment on any side affects just yet. i used scs1 with tutu and xp mod all the way through setting 75% to kills only and left the rest as is.. i think i hit the xp cap right at the start of chapter 7, and this was after doing everything, i usually hit it back in chapter 5, was fun times and the only time i wish i hadn't of lowered the xp was in 4th level of the naskel mines where i faced off against two kobold shamans.. fun but hard. still i now worry about tactics content and accession, i hope ill get enough xp.. i have quest mods and such installed that should add extra xp to the game anyway so hopefully it will all balance out..
  4. so my new install is has follows: so far no problems, tho ive only cleared irens dungeons, the install differs from my last ones since i haven't bothered to install slightly improved illyric, on my last attempts as playing it was slighlty buggy and scs2 didn't seam to affect it either, also haven't installed biggs quest pack because i found it out it requires hla component of refinements, and i couldnt be bothered to install that for some reason but anyway.. only thing I've into was a stutter when goblins were about to pop up from the fog of war, don't know if it was because my comps resources had been and were getting taxed from other programs for awhile but more then likely, also that mage who was part of the group fighting the vampire in 2nd level of dungeon just stood around at one point after nearly killing the vampire by herself, it wasn't until i kill the vampire that the mage then started casting all her spells and such when turning red, oh and illyric himself just standing there doing nothing for some reason.. probably both scs2 issues or my over abused pc, oh well, if it starts to become a regular thing i might have rethink some components, just wish i had time to have a decent session. edit: doh i just discovered scs2 V7 is out, should i be safe enough to uninstall xpmod/virture/tweaks/ect then the new scs2 version and then reinstall the rest back exactly? and still have my save games be "ok" ?
  5. Add Dungeon-Be-Gone to your list if you want to avoid that. yeah i know about that mod but it kinda defeats the point for me and im a purist. well story wise at least anyway i like a sense of knowing my what characters have done and been through, hate skipping stuff. thanks! ill make sure to add that, ill only be installing ascension however out of those, don't think ill bother with kelsey. thanks for the replies, i should of made this post months ago and saved me all the headaches of recent weeks
  6. Could you elaborate on the blank lines? What would happen if i didn't add them and what would the blank lines do exactly? Just seems a bit weird to add a blank line, although there's probably a good modding related reason that i cant remember, i haven't been around modding talk for so long, last time i was around it was like.. 7 or 8 years ago with teambg/forgotten wars, boy its come along way in that time.
  7. Thanks for the reply, yeah that was another thing i was worried about sounding like a broken record as im a firm believer that everything can be found via search alas i had been trying to find a install guide for bg2 similar to the tutu one on this forum which was very awesome and helped me quite alot with that install, but to no avail so i had to rely on logic untill i read about old mods corrupting stuff and got very annoyed at myself because this would of been the 5th time already in 2 weeks where ive had to reinstall because of install order screwups on my part. ill check and make sure i have the latest planarsphere mod, cant really remember if it is or not now but yeah i was mostly worried that i had other mods in there considered old like Ascension and tactics, thanks for the info i shall begin building my install (once i make sure i have all the up to date mod versions that is)
  8. Ok I'll make it a bit easier for people, which are the mods in that list are considering "old" weidu wise, the ones that overwrite instead of patching and should be installed the very first? or after fixpack? I know ascension and tactics are but will they even overwrite anything like this? to be safe should i go: fixpack ascension tactics (small parts of it anyway) and then everything else after? in the same order as above? I guess I'm sounding pushing and i apologize its just I don't get the install right tonight its going to be months before i can get around to doing so.
  9. Sigh, time to uninstall again i guess and do iren's dungeon again. I'll wait for a few more confirms about the install order before doing so however.
  10. Could anyone who knows what they are talking about just check my install order and see if its "ok" ? (ill say sorry now for the huge size of it.) I'm asking due to reading recently about old wedui mods being dodgy and I'm just worried i might have installed something in the wrong order, since I'm just starting out in bg2 (just got through a heavily modded easytutu game) I've already reinstalled everything a number of times each time i read about doing something wrong or a new update comes out etc. I've tried to follow to as many "install guides" as i could but i figured it would now be easier to ask you guys rather then doing guess work all the time. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me.
  11. just wait till chapter 5, if you killed him or not in chapter 4, check your globals via shadow keeper or near infinity, look for SPRITEISDEAD#TAZOK or something along those lines, and make sure its set to 0, save and load the edit save game. (note that shadow keeper wont let you edit quicksaves and autosaves, so youll have to make a temporary full save, but near infinity is ok) if you didn't kill him you wont find a SPRITEISDEAD for him so you should be ok, he will still be in the final battle regardless, there's some kivan quest stuff that makes mention of his resurrection, but if that global is set to 1 then he and semja will just stand there doing nothing while a invincible sarevok wipes out the world :|
  12. well the version im using is easytutu, i figured the original and this were the same cept for an installer but maybe i was wrong.. but yeah bg1npc needs a global change some point after killing tazok maybe but that's for another section of this forum i think
  13. oh my god, maximus2001 you were right, it WAS tazok! his sprite is dead global was set to 1, i set it to 0 and tried the battle, and to my utter surprise it actually worked, tazok started to attack i used detect invisible and semja attacked too in scs style, and then angelo popped in and another new guy! and got new lines of dialogue from sarevok before he utterly killed my entire party due to me not expecting it to work and thus not being prepared i guess we got to the bottom of that then, pretty surprised tho it was just the sprite is dead tazok thing causing it.. very strange but at least we know now if anyone else gets experiences this so to clarify how this happened, i roleplayed bg1 so i took kivan to the bandit camp and had him kill tazok, but as we all know sarevok brings tazok back to life at some point after chapter 3, i guess the game doesn't set the spriteisdead to 0, or it just glitched out in my game, well im super happy right now
  14. Thanks for the info, buts its not quite the same problem as mine, well almost, semja and tazok are both red circle they just don't move, and angelo is nowhere to be seen, I've tried a full reinstall of everything in scs but still no go, I'm not using bgt however I'm using easy tutu, well actually the beta of the new version out next month, I'm starting to think that maybe the transfer from bg1 to bg2 spell system might have done something? i doubt it but anything is possible.. i don't like fixing the problem via the method above though, doesn't flow right to me just clua'ing everywhere to get a problem fixed.. if i have to ill just settle for vanilla final battle. I can finish the game and kill sarevok and his minions and everything works as it should do without the improved final battle when i uninstall that component, however after all the challenging battles I've been through the final battle in vanilla mode was very anti-climatic.
  15. any possible quick fix i could try? or am i doomed to defeat sarevok in vanilla only..
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