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  1. Eldae


    Monty Python's Meaning of Life, correct? only... with the lyrics slightly changed.
  2. Eldae


    Oh, and before I forget. Quenya or Sindarin?
  3. Eldae


    If you want, I can try and translate it into elvish. Not that there would be any point, but it would still be pretty funny.
  4. Eldae


    will all the flirts be PC started, or will Delainey start some as well?
  5. hmmm... was the masthead portrait based off of anything? 'cause it looks familiar from... uh... somewhere.
  6. Eldae


    about the menu and all the recipies dradeel gives you... I just got one that wasn't the monkey balls in SoA... I'll see what it is and post again, but just so that way I can look beck here and not forget.... uh, what did I just type again?
  7. I'm pretty sure 3E says something about elves and a lack of facial hair... either that or its FR, but I think one of them said that.
  8. hey, I'm after all kinds of fire. care to show me some new kinds?
  9. of course I take checks... any kind of payment is fine for me... just as long as I get to play with fire.
  10. actually, that explains quite a bit... I'm not used to 2nd edition deities, so...
  11. Best way to deal with eyebrow tics: burn off the eyebrows! Fire solves everything! and whatever fire doesn't solve, there's bound to be some other highly destructive solution.
  12. That's no good! All security systems should be equipped with high explosives. Lots of them.. Or at least enought fire to evaporate a water elemental.
  13. Why do they have no access to the chaos sphere? isn't selune chaotic good?
  14. hmmm... as far as the fall to evil thing goes, perhaps this could enter it, and maybe give a few extra quests... her lover was murdered by someone, and she goes a bit overboard as far as revenge goes, and falls that way? Just a thought...
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