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  1. The BG2 and BGEE STATS.IDS contains these identifiers: Does anyone know what they're for? 156 SCRIPTINGSTATE1 157 SCRIPTINGSTATE2 158 SCRIPTINGSTATE3 159 SCRIPTINGSTATE4 160 SCRIPTINGSTATE5 161 SCRIPTINGSTATE6 162 SCRIPTINGSTATE7 163 SCRIPTINGSTATE8 164 SCRIPTINGSTATE9 165 SCRIPTINGSTATE10 I'm specifically looking for code that has to do with Protection from Evil, since there is nothing in STATE.IDS and only possible in STATS.IDS.
  2. I used the tSeries AI scripts that cirerrek made, but after a while I really wanted to edit them, so I started rewriting them to be more in line with the scripts I'd written for the BG/IWD games. Anyway cirerrek was nice enough to include FloatMessage(Object,STRREF) at the end of script blocks so that floating text would let the player know when the PC used items or cast spells. However these are mostly custom strings and I have no idea where they are stored. They are universal so every PC can use the same strings when they use the same spell. Either that or he just duplicated them for all the characters. The FloatMessage() function works like DisplayStringHead(Object,STRREF) as in BG2 so I'm hoping someone can shed light on this for me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, I decided to reinstall PS:T (because it's the best game ever). Last time I played the IE games I created my own scripts for my party using Near Infinity. As I recall I had some trouble with PST due to it being archaic compared to the others. So, two things, is there any good tool out there that I can update/alter the AI scripts for PST with? and, does anyone know if NI is in development anywhere, or if there is any interest in it? The original creator's website is still up here: http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~joh/ni/download.html And also there is a forum thread (that is ancient) about creating a Git "repository" for it to allow improvements and developments: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=18254 I actually thought that NI was a wonderful tool and would hate to see it discarded, unless there is some other tool that supersedes it. Cheers!
  4. Wow I'm dumb... Had to edit GemRB.cfg and not GemRB.cfg.pst I assume why each of the IE games has their own appended gemrb.cfg.xxx file so that you can simply copy it over the generic file to select which game to play.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I dowloaded and installed OpenAL, SDL.dll, (also got the devel package for SDL), Python 2.5, and Zlib, like in your FAQ. However, I only need these to compile GemRB myself, right? It seems kind of silly because you included them in....: I downloaded GemRB 0.2.6 as a windows binary. I placed the gemrb folder from the .zip at c:\gemrb but when I run gemrb.exe I get an error with the chitin.key importer... [KEYImporter]: Opening e:/torment/\chitin.key...[ERROR] [KEYImporter]: Cannot open Chitin.key [ERROR] Cannot Load Chitin.key Termination in Progress So then I edited the file GemRB.cfg.pst and replaced all the paths with ones actually for the game on my computer.... I don't actually use the e: designation on this computer.... And it says the exact same thing... I'll keep playing but if you can help me, please do! I'd actually be interested in doing this... if I can get GemRB to run at all, I'll do my best =)
  6. Okay, so I understand that GemRB can be run under *NIX systems and OSX. I can understand desiring to play IE games under Linux. I don't, however, currently have a Linux box running (as I am wont to do, from time to time), mostly because I am a full time student and too busy to mess around with stuff. So now the Insane Questions: Can I run GemRB under Windows 2k, or is that just stupid? Is GemRB an engine which runs the games each as a sort of module? In other words, do I start GemRB and point it towards my install directory of X IE game, and it simply (ab)uses the data there to run it? If this is the case, is it possible to run PST in the IWD2 interface (which is quite nice) and avoid the stupid right-click menu of PST and instead use the nice customizable gui of IWD2? Would that also mean that instead of in PST where text phrases simply appear over peoples' heads and then disappear, the text would appear in a dialogue box and be readable for more than 5 seconds? Now, those are my insane and greedy questions. I like making AI scripts and editing stores and items and spells in IE games. That said, however, my programming skills are limited, and my familiarity even more so. I would like to help, but I'm worried that I wouldn't be much help without guidance, and the overhead-cost of the guidance would not be worth my assistance. Of course, if I could just get started, I might really get into it. Bear in mind I couldn't get any AI scripts to work in IWD2. Oh, and thanks in advance for any generous answers to my ridiculous questions!
  7. I figured it out, mostly. In NI when editing PS:T, you have to open the SAV file, decompress it, edit the .STO file, then recompress and overwrite the savegame. Edits "outside" don't automatically get written "inside" the save, and vice versa.
  8. So I edited some stores .STO files, but having already visited those stores in a game, I load my saved game and my changes do not appear. In PST, without restarting the game, how can I get my game to load my changes? I'm using NI and I'm not exactly sure why the changes don't show up. If I restart NI and re-load the .STO file, it has the changes that I made previously so I know it's getting written to disk. Thanks in Advance (And thanks for the previous help, too!)
  9. My game currently runs fine. When I install any certain items from the tweak pack, my PS:T game doesn't start and a Windows [internal] Messenger box appears which says, "Torment.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created." I installed each item by itself, and these worked: Rest Anywhere Increased Stacking Identified Items Reveal City Maps But whenever I installed: Max HP for part members It gave the above error.
  10. Some items, such as the Girdle of Beautification (effect Bless when worn) have a visual effect. For the aforementioned girdle, it makes you glow purple. The effect is nice, but it would be nice to edit it so that it could be worn without my character glowing purple constantly. I am interested in IWD1, HoW, IWD2! Thanks in Advance!
  11. I got it to work. I downloaded the compiler from: http://hometown.aol.com/mprilla/myhomepage/profile.html It compiled the same script for me without any errors, however the script did not work when copied into the game. When I overwrote the .IDS files in the compiler directory with the ones that I had downloaded, it started to work.
  12. I can see by reading the IESDP that a lot of it comes from BG and BG2. I did download the IWD Workspace of a guy named "Grog" (Nathan Bunch). In it, he has included all his source files, which I was looking at. From my C++ days of programming, I was looking around to see if he had anything like #include that would give him "extra-curricular" abilities. I noticed that the Black Isle compiler comes with a lot of .IDS files in the folder. Because Grog included his entire workspace, I can see that he has at least an addition 23 .IDS files and has probably modified the contents of others. The default script sources that come with IWD, IWD:HoW, and IWD:TotL do not include any reference to automatically finding traps because none of the scripts do that for you. And, as I said initially, the FindTraps() for BG doesn't seem to work in IWD. At any rate, I'm not entirely stupid (just new), so if someone can give me a pointer on getting FindTraps() either #include(d) or imported into IWD from the BG IE or similar... I'd appreciate it!
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