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  1. Thanks for the reply Berelinde. And thanks to you and Domi for all your hard work on this module. I have really enjoyed playing it, and am very grateful to you both for publishing it. So far, I have had no bugs or issues with the new Sand material, it is all working like clockwork!
  2. any further news on when this will be avaiable, please?
  3. I hope your fiancé continues to improve, you both have my best wishes.
  4. I'd love to do some testing too, if you still want testers, I have some time on my hands unexpectedly so would most likely be able to do a complete play-through.
  5. I wrote a Baldur's Gate II fanfic recently, called An Account From A Shadowmaster, in which I included some parts of Romantic Encounters. (All acknowledgements made of course). Today, I got this review: "I have always been fascinated with the Shadow Thieves, Aran in particular, and this fic was such a lovely read. It also inspired me to try another run of BGII, with the Romantic Encounters mod installed. I hope you find the time to continue this story." I think that's just lovely. Congratulations to everyone involved for writing such a great mod!
  6. rianess

    V004 Feedback

    Beware the Spoilers I downloaded V004 yesterday and spent some hours playing it. Here are some points: 1. The talk with Angelo about Shar-Teel gave me the lovers/one night stand option even though my character is female. If I chose one of those options, and I did - for a laugh, and it definitely gave the impression that he thought I was a man. No other talks I had with Angelo were affected by this though. 2. The Solaufein content worked perfectly (no bugs) and fit very smoothly in the game. I thought his reaction was perfect. I actually loaded a game with him in Ust Natha, (where I had been playing with V003), and it popped up almost immediately. 3. With the Bodhi abduction, I could not find Oyaji and Sakaki - for love nor money. I swear I searched that Temple District from top to bottom. Do I need to have encountered them before hand? Or do they only appear at certain times of the day - I was looking in the early evening and night in game-time. 4. The rest in Amekthran was interesting. No bugs to report - and no flies either. Heh. 5. Loved the Tree of Life dialogue. That's all I have to report for now. I'll post again if I can think of anything else.
  7. In an ideal world, where things always seem a lot easier in than they really are... I would like to see cross mod content for - 1. Nathaniel - He used to work at the Fist and mentions Angelo by name in his banters/love talks. 2. Kivan - 'nough said. Though, I would imagine that Kivan would treat him the same way as he treats Sarevok. 3. Reactions to RE - though I'm pretty sure Angelo wouldn't be that bothered to begin with, even if the romance is active. If not in a romance with a female PC I would imagine he'd be encouraging her - with a 'live a little' kind of attitude. If it was a male PC I would think he would cheer him on as well. That's all I can think of for now, but I'll post more as I think of them...
  8. [big spoilers ahead] I finished TOB with him yesterday as well, and here are a few points: 1. Overall, I thought it was fantastic - the character is very well developed and believable. I think he's a great addition to the party, regardless of whether the player is or isn't romancing him. 2. From technical point of view, I had no problems, so, no bugs to report. Big kudos to Kulyok! 3. I would have liked to see a different talk at the tree of life for an active romance, as having one which didn't mention the relationship at all felt discordant. If they're about to face their possible deaths, then surely he'd have something to say to his lover? 4. I thought the wedding in the temple in Saradush was pure genius! I wasn't expecting it at all - and it's a brilliant idea. I thought the proposal was absolutely plausible for Angelo. 5. I thought his dialogue was very well thought out, and was just right for his character. It fit into the game, but at the same time was uniquely his. 6. Is there another talk between Sarevok and Angelo after the grudging truce? If so, I didn't discover one. I'm not sure if I think there should be one more or not - it works well as is, but I can't help wishing there was another one. Even if it was Sarevok telling Angelo he's sorry and Angelo telling him it was too soon for a reconciliation, and leaving it at that. 7. I also add my voice to those asking for some play on the Bodhi-abduction piece. But I can see from previous posts that you're looking into it, so, say no more. 8. Lastly, I was very impressed with the writing in general. I went in with no expectations, and was blown away. I can't thank you enough for bringing out such a wonderful addition to the game.
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