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  1. Ah, but Viconia is more useful to the party as a whole, because she has more spell slots and she can swing it in the front lines as well as Anomen as soon as she has some strength raising item on her. Besides, Anomen is an a**
  2. 1 How many NPCs do you usually include (for solo, 0)? I usually have a full party ASAP, and then fiddle around to add other NPCs along the road (for instance, if I dont have Yoshimo around I will usually go to Spellhold minus one slot so I can haul Imoen up) 2 Do you prefer a themed party (all good, all evil, all mages, all wizard slayers, etc.) or do you prefer a balanced party in terms of class and alignment? Ideally I aim for either good or evil party depending on my character's alignment. Of course, I constantly screw up, like adding Edwin & Keldorn together, or Kagain & Coran, because some characters are too powerful or too interesting to miss. Class-wise my party is usually perfectly balanced. I will always have at least one thief, cleric/druid, mage, and fighter. 3 Does NPC personality influence your party composition? VERY much. For instance, in a run of BG, I almost always have Tiax in the party. In BG2, I almost always have Jan. They are just so funny I cant leave them out (though their abilities are rather mediocre). In contrast, I usually dump Jaheira out as soon as I can get a replacement because she gets on my nerves. 4 Does an NPC quest influence you party composition? Kind of. Not THAT much. I get annoyed by Nalia's quest so I avoid her a lot... 5 Does NPC power influence your party composition? I wish I could say that I am a pure role player and power doesnt influence me.... but the god awesome powers of Edwin, Viconia, Kagain etc are just so tempting... poor Anomen never has a chance to win his lady's love, because Viconia kicks him out of the party, and I dont have need for two clerics. 6 Regarding your PC (player 1), do you single-class, dual-, or multi-? I do a lot of multi-classing, and occasionally single for interesting classes such as Bard or Archer. I dont ever do dual, just because it's a pain in the a** to level him/her up again. 7 How powerful do you want your PC to be in terms of the challenges posed by the game? Before, I rather powergamed my way through. These days, I'll be content if as long as I dont have to reload a whole lot of times. 8 How powerful do you want your PC to be compared to the NPCs? Not that I intentionally do so, but unless my character is a mage the PC has like 40% kills in the party Before, I had the bad habit of giving all the best items to the main character and give the leftovers to the NPCs. Now I even allow an NPC to eat up some of the stat-raising tomes! 9 How do you utilize multi-classed characters? I love multi-class. The PC is usually multi-class because it seems so boring to be just a normal fighter or a normal mage. (I'm particular to Fighter/Thief or Mage/Cleric combo) And I love multi-class NPCs like Aerie and Jan. Since its hard to sqeeze every class in because not everybody is a fighter/mage/theif/cleric, and since I want at least 2 or 3 capable fighters in the front line, multi-class is the way to go. 10 How do you use 'specialty-class' characters (bards, monks, specialty kits)? There are some 'specialty-class' that I really dig, and so I stick one or two in the party (another reason why some characters just have to be multi-class). Favorites are Bard, Paladin, and Sorcerer. For some reason, I never liked Monks and Barbarians. 11. Do you play with add-on NPCs, and if so, how many at a time, and why I always include in my standard install of BG2 Solaufein, Valen, and Kelsey. I dont add custom NPCs in my BGTutu, because there's many more NPCs in BG anyway, and I havent seen any mods that catched my interest yet. Out of the 3 mentioned, I usually play Solaufein the most (esp if Im playing a male character... )
  3. Amaurea, this is a very interesting thread, as I was just thinking of a graphics mod that would include alternative portraits, better menu screens, and maybe other stuff like avatars, paperdolls, items on the ground etc. If you are interested, do you want to partner up with me? I am very new to the community (though I've been playing BG for too many years to count) and I have noticed a lack of mods that alter BG graphics-wise and I really want to deliver a mod that would update the old game to look better. I love your Haerdalis portrait and I think it would be great if we could work together BTW, this is an Edwin portrait I have made in preparation of graphics mod...
  4. and not sure if it is needed at all! Anyhow, the banner I created long time ago has been bugging me, so I redid it. Honestly, I dunno if it is an improvement at all This is 80kb... This is 44kb(the two are slightly different... mostly whether the words fade out or not) So Kulyok, IF you think this is better than the previous banner and IF you want to change it, you are more than welcome
  5. oh! I was actually gonna take some time tomorrow and fix some of the stuff people had critisized up there.... I'll just go on ahead and do it, and then you can change it whenever you want, Kulyok ^^*
  6. okee, retinkered a little can't help the horrible image quality if it's gonna be under 50 kb which one do you prefer? By wonnimchunha By wonnimchunha
  7. Yes, got it Hope it works this time *cross fingers* As I said, this is a rough draft, so if it looks ok I'll go back and redo the whole thing to make it nicer. Shot at 2007-08-07
  8. arrrggg -_- I have no clue how to post something online then any suggestions?
  9. Not sure if this will show up but.... http://go.artic.edu/cp/email/getImage/Comp...8&prtId=0.1 This is just a rough, since its a little over the 50kb max, and colors came out a bit funny, and I drew the doors kinda funky, and I didn't know what font the G3 logo uses etc etc etc ANYWAY, just thought I'd post it here after Evaine Dian's pointer to this thread...... How'd'yall like it? If it seems ok, I could go on and clean it up
  10. Hi all I've never been active in the BG community, just downloading stuff for years and years, and I really respect all the wonderful content that everyone has made. And though I should have said this a looooong time before, I would love to contribute myself. I am an art student majoring in animation, and though I have absolutely no clue about programming or codes whatnot, I *can* draw. So if any modder needs anything related to art...like, oh I dunno, banners, portraits, concept art, icons, ANYTHING thats a picture ..... you are very welcome to use me any way you want That is, if something of that sort is actually in demand
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