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  1. Lets use these for SOA and I'll post a pair for TOB.
  2. I thank Sillara for these wonderful banters with Tsujatha, and have approved them.
  3. I've met a few (and have heard of many more) homosexual people who enjoy trying to "convert" heterosexuals, though I suspect gay guys are more likely to make the attempt than gay girls. I've even had them try to do it to me on a handful of occassions. Of course there are also numerous heterosexuals who enjoy trying to "convert" homosexuals, so it's a crime certain people of both sexualities are guility of. I've known a few quite predatory lesbians and gay men, and predatory straights as well. That's people for you.
  4. Fair enough. Back on topic, this looks like an interesting mod. Good luck with it. Do you plan on this having been Viconia's first same sex relationship, or in your take on the character was she always same sex oriented? Sorry if you've already covered this elsewhere. Edit: Thinking about this, as this is the "debate" thread rather than a "question" thread, this is also off topic.
  5. What? Romance options in TOEE??? I played the game for a few hours before I got bored (I think it was a poor game at best), but the only 'romance' I took note of was some girl that could join you and that you'd have to mary (not as bad as the girl in Fallout 2, but close enough). Oddly enough, yes. It had its good points, but overall a disapointing game. The male-female heterosexual romances both involved women looking to get married as a way of escaping their dull home lives, and the male-male option involved a pirate's cabin-boy looking for a kind new master. There was also originally a lesbian encounter (but not a full romance) as part of the brothel sequence. AFAIK, there was no romance option for female characters. Don't know one way or another about that.
  6. He should have something to say about the Druid Grove as well; probably all of the strongholds, after the character has received them.
  7. Atari included three (poorly done) romance options in TOEE: Two heterosexual, one homosexual. Hasbourough asked for the removal of the brothel, but they left the Male-Male pirate romance in. I expect that there is some tollerance for same-sex romance options, at least at the corporate level.
  8. With Cheats enabled, CTRL+I advances dialog, and CTRL+Y kills anything that can be killed.
  9. I've run into this problem with my own NPCs quite a bit, both in tabletop gaming and the Hubelpot project. The question I ask myself is "How silly can you get before breaking characterization?" It's a personal call. I see Edwin as an Evil bastard who would respond with deadly force in this situation, but then I don't like and rarely use Evil NPCs. If you see Edwin as a cute grump, the dialog works. As you have written him as a cute grump / Anime letch in all of his dialogs in this mod, I think the dialog fits here.
  10. BobTokyo


    I am Spartacus. OK, maybe not.
  11. Yeah, umm my lack observing the obvious overwhelms me. Incidently, expect that mod to get a major overhaul in the next 3-4 months.
  12. I've always taken it to mean she was terrified until she discovered Shar. The word "grace" has a positive connotation to it. I don't think she would use that word if Shar terrified her. She might if she was being sarcastic but I don't get a feeling of sarcasm from that line. I agree that the line is not sarcastic, but I wonder how Viconia interprets "grace". The idea of experiencing contat with a god being both wonderful and terrifying is very common in mythology. I could imagine that experiencing the reality of something like Shar would be truly terrifying even as Viconia accepted her as a patron.
  13. Wow! Beautiful pic, and not at all the angry teen I think of her as.
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