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  1. Drew, First of all I just want to say that I really like what you did with your mod, I think you really captured, and improved, what makes Minsc, well, Minsc. I'm sure alot of other people feel the same way. Second, I wanted to voice that I think Minsc should stay a ranger. If people think he should be something else, well, that's what Level One NPCs is made for. Finally, if you really want to change his class, what would make the most sense would be a kind of Fighter/Berserker with some limited ranger abilities (mostly charm animal here I think) and call him a Rashemaar Berserker Ranger or something to that effect. Great job on the mod, once more!
  2. Hi DavidW! While I understand the reason why you included it, it's kind of annoying since I purposely didn't install that component for a reason. In my view, this could be "fixed" by only pre-casting his Minor Globe of Invulnerability, so that his script may function properly. I noticed in the few tries it took me to take him down (lightning bolts and small corridors don't mix, but I guess that's the point!) that he always Dimension Door to me as his first action. Maybe his script could be set up to cast the rest of his defensive spells first? That way, if I rush ahead, I can catch him midway. Just an idea... And thanks for the heads up on v7. You should stick a post about it, I didn't even realize it was out. Cheers!
  3. Using SCS v6, the mage Lendarn in the Firewin Ruins pre-cast half a dozen defensive spells even without the Mages pre-cast defensive spells component installed. Edit: Typo.
  4. First of all, nice tweak. It probably should be included in the tweak pack, as more choices is always a good thing! I just want to play devil's advocate here and say that Garrick isn't Good, he's Neutral. My understanding of alignement is that nobody (except cliche villains -ie. most evil characters in D&D games!) is against virtue and even neutral characters will prefer justice to injustice, fairness to unfairness, etc. The question you have to ask, however, is this: are you willing to make a stand for those principles? If you are, you're Good, if you aren't (even if you would prefer them to the alternative), like Garrick, you're Neutral.
  5. Hi! In the region just east of the Gnoll Stronghold, you encounter a gnoll named Ingot that tells you he wanted to eat Dynaheir. Minsc gets angry, turns berserk and attacks the gnoll at the end of the dialogue. However, when the dialogue window closes, instead of turning hostile, the gnoll just disapears. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but even if it's not, I think it would make more sense to have to fight the gnoll than having him simply disapear.
  6. I can. It installed with no problems for me.
  7. Tested on a clean EasyTutu install with no other mods. The culprit is Add Save Penalties for Spells Cast by High-Level Caster. As soon as you (or Gorion in the opening cutscene!) cast Melf Acid Arrow, you'll crash to desktop with the following error: An Assertion failed in CGameEffect.cpp at line number 1536.
  8. Ok. In NPCKit.tp2: ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~_imoen2.bcs~ THEN BEGIN // tutu EXTEND_BOTTOM ~_imoen2.bcs~ ~NPCKit/baf/adventurer.baf~ END In fact, _imoen2.bcs doesn't exist in a Tutu install and ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME should check for _imoen.bcs instead. In addition, this code: COPY ~NPCKit/spl/title.spl~ ~override/ikitimo1.spl~ SAY 0x9e @140004 will call Imoen a Mage/Aventurer, even if she isn't dual classed. There should be a check to make sure that is the case, but my mad mod skilz being non-existant, I'll have to leave that one to someone else.
  9. Tested on a clean EasyTutu install with no other mods. Simply start a new game and go get Imoen. She'll be a standard thief with no changes. Minsc & Edwin are working fine.
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