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  2. What many software types do is to use a static name that points to the most current version. For example, advertise the name scsII-current.exe that links to scsII-v15.exe and remember to update it when you make a new version.
  3. Well, the main problem is that the Setup-BG2Fixpack.command file contains CR's (MacOS9 line endings) instead of Unix/MacOSX LF's. The other thing is in your last attempt, you double-clicked Setup-BG2Fixpack instead of the .command file which runs the program in your home directory instead of your BG2 folder. The simplest fix is ignore the .command file and: 1) Run Terminal. It's probably already running, but if it isn't it is found in /Applications/Utilities. 2) Type: cd drag-and-drop-your-BG2-directory-then-press-Return 3) Type: ./Setup-BG2Fixpack If you want to fix the .command file, do this: 1) Run Terminal. 2) Type: sed -i .bad $'s/\r/\\\n/g' drag-n-drop-the-.command-file-then-Return 3) Double-click Setup-BG2Fixpack.command Be sure to put a space before anything you drag-and-drop.
  4. WeiDU (or rather the language runtime it's written in) doesn't seem to release file descriptors expediently which causes WeiDU to hang while autoupdating if there are enough Setup-XXX files. The default number of file descriptors per process on MacOSX is 255. You can increase it with the ulimit command, or run weidu-mac with the --noautoupdate switch.
  5. Cap\'n, You've put a backslash into the filenames (I considered calling you "Dude" for this). The backslash is only needed when in a shell script, to escape the shell's use of ' as a quoting character. I have installed Mur'Neth v10 as part of a mega-install with the following changes: File mur'neth/murneth-audioin.sh line 3, change: ogg_files=`ls mur'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg'` to: ogg_files=`ls mur\'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg'` and line 7, change: mur'neth/sox mur'neth/sounds/$file override/${file%.ogg}.wav to: mur\'neth/sox mur\'neth/sounds/$file override/${file%.ogg}.wav File mur'neth/murneth-audioout.sh line 3, change: wav_files=`ls mur'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg' | sed s/.ogg/.wav/g` to: wav_files=`ls mur\'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg' | sed s/.ogg/.wav/g` File mur'neth.tp2, line 84 and 85, change: AT_NOW ~sh murneth-audioin.sh~ // install... AT_INTERACTIVE_UNINSTALL ~sh murneth-audioout.sh~ // ... and uninstall to: AT_NOW ~sh Mur\'Neth/murneth-audioin.sh~ // install... AT_INTERACTIVE_UNINSTALL ~sh Mur\'Neth/murneth-audioout.sh~ // ... and uninstall Concerning BG1Tweaks, don't worry about it for Macs, BG1 doesn't run on MacOSX. Unless you're supporting MacOS9, in which case you're a better man than I am.
  6. From the ReadMe file: This is an NPC mod for either of the Baldur's Gate conversions, Tutu or BGT-WeiDU. If .../data/BG1ARE.bif exists, Mur'Neth will install the BGT files, otherwise the Tutu files.
  7. This is in murneth-audioout.sh, the uninstall script. That line creates the list of .WAV files to delete. They are deleted in the FOR loop underneath. Windows determines executable by the file extension .EXE not by any per-file mode, and I haven't found any archive format that allows setting that from Windows. So, you'll probably have to build the MacOSX distribution on some Unix system. (You may want to check if your phone can do it.)
  8. > The three packages are below - if it installs ok, just drop a note. > OSX Mur'neth Aye Cap\'n, 1) In mur'neth.tp2, line 84-85 need to be: AT_NOW ~sh Mur\'Neth/murneth-audioin.sh~ // install... AT_INTERACTIVE_UNINSTALL ~sh Mur\'Neth/murneth-audioout.sh~ // ... and uninstall 2) setup-mur'neth, setup-mur'neth.command, and Mur'Neth/sox need to be set executable. 3) Mur'Neth/murneth-audioin.sh fixed: #!/bin/sh ogg_files=`ls mur\'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg'` for file in $ogg_files; do echo Converting $file... mur\'neth/sox mur\'neth/sounds/$file override/${file%.ogg}.wav done 4) Mur'Neth/murneth-audioout.sh line 3: wav_files=`ls mur\'neth/sounds | grep '.ogg' | sed s/.ogg/.wav/g`
  9. You have made your saving throw vs. Polymorph into Geek.
  10. > The eventual plan is to get a Mac mini just for packaging stuff, ... A Linux system would work just as well. You can even set your Windows system to dual-boot it.
  11. > I'm looking for someone to test-install the next version of Auren on a Mac OSX to make sure that the audio installation scripts work properly. Setup-aurenaseph and Setup-aurenasaph.command need to be set executable. Also, aurenaudio.sh and aurenaudiouninstall.sh have DOS line endings; they need Unix line endings. Here's the fixed aurenaudio.sh: #!/bin/bash cd override shopt -s nocaseglob chmod +x sox echo Converting audio for file in k#aur*.ogg; do ./sox $file ${file%.}.wav; done rm -f k#aur*.ogg rm -f sox
  12. You still need to 'chmod +x tisunpack oggdec' since they're not executable in the archive. Also, the AT_NOW commands for Linux use Bash but the scripts themselves work with any shell and I don't know if all distributions of Linux come with Bash. Edit: Aha! StuffIt Expander will set all files executable so the mod will at least load. None of the other de-archivers do that, but I'm not sure how many people use StuffIt anymore.
  13. > Unfortunately, I don't know enough about Mac scripts to even understand your reminder. As long as T.Bigg knows... Some Mac mods from G3 come with 'sox' set to non-executable.
  14. Be sure to put a 'chmod +x sox tisunpack' in the shell scripts that use them.
  15. Welp, whoever packaged the Mac version of BG2 Fixpack made the file with ancient MacOS9 line endings (\r) instead of Unix (\n). Here's what the file should be: command_path=${0%/*} cd "$command_path" ./setup-bg2fixpack It'll probably be easiest to edit your setup-bg2fixpack.command file, delete everything, and paste in the three lines above.
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