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  1. Oh ok got it thanks i was confused i thought he showed up in your party so you just go through the talk with Kelemvor about him then finish the game?
  2. Ok here is my problem when I first got the Bishop romance it worked fine then my game was having other problems not involving the romance so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and did updates then I went back and got the romance and downloaded it again because it wasnt there and I played my game but it wont work so i went back to an older saved game right before a flirt talk and that worked but then when I go back to my newer saved game it wont work so I need some help.
  3. Well I made the file smaller but I cant send it because my server is having problems is there any way I can maybee fix the propblem myself or something.
  4. Okay well I am sending it as a WinRAR file and it may take awhile to recive but anyways is there no way that I can do a cheat or check stuff to see whats wrong or get it to run because I reallly want to play it as much as possible.
  5. HGow do I send my save game file to you?
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