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  1. Hi, I used the stats that you submitted for Diriel's match and it worked great! So nevermind
  2. Ok, I'm not sure if this was mentioned, I'm just quickly scanning through this while at work. I've noticed that the romance suddenly stops when they get to the monastery? i haven't proceeded cos I thought it was a bug...is this apart of the romance?
  3. Sir Ryan Trawl. In chapter 6 and 7, the new dialouges aren't working. I do have tortured souls installed. not sure if this is related or not. The PC response is available, but when I click on it the conversation ends. Also the end dialouge button is showing when the PC responses are available.
  4. Gold

    Praise For Angelo

    Oh don't be so modest, I cannot wait to see what you're working on next! Seriously...I play this mod over and over again! keke!
  5. Gold

    Praise For Angelo

    Just wanted to say that I loved the Angelo mod! The Romance was so beautiful, obviously well thought out and written, and I could not ask for more! The voicing was very hot and I must acknowledge the research (e.g "Holla" - Hamlet) and the origin of Angelo's last name. Sister V, I can only say OMFG on a great mod.
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