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  1. ok, there's just two bit's at the moment. Feaglos +2 I would put the THACO down on this, to powerful otherwise, say +2-3 Thalia's stats are a bit high in my opinion, totaling at 91. It might be best if you put a point down from.....say, the DEX, as a Paladin it would be unlikely she would have time to train her DEX up due to always wearing heavy armor but with elvin blood it would make it naturally good. Of cause INT could take the hit instead
  2. heh *start's preaching about how humans are ruining the environment and how we'll be leaving a destroyed planet to our children and our children's children* 'Oh, the humanity!' 'The humanity! My big gun is out of bullets! I can't believe it!' 'Righteousness -and superior firepower- has triumphed! The filthy beast is no more!'
  3. Actually, everyone knows we have to be on the lookout for Andorra... Good idea, once I get that I'll use it to keep the French off my back You know anymore useful country's I can use as meatshields.... I mean country's I can liberate, yeh (Trust the smile)
  4. All alone in Wales soo..... if noone is in Ireland can i pop over there and take over? (Then I shall more on to Spain and then Portugal, where I shall begin world domination )
  5. You can also, A.) learn magic B.) prove that mistical creatures did/do exist C.) if B fails go to A and learn plane travel and bring mystical creatures to Earth to prove people wrong (if it still exists anyway)
  6. Nice Anyway, here's the offical website, but unless you can speak Japanese the only things you can go on really will be the Trailers and Downloads
  7. Ragnar


    The surgeon must have caught him with his wife, that's what I call revenge
  8. Waiting for a new book by David & Leigh Eddings (hopefully better than 'The Elder Gods' *shudder*)
  9. Ragnar


    hehehe, what a way to go........
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