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  1. I am not sure if it is a good idea. To make a translation, you still need consent of all the mod authors, otherwise your time and effort may end up in vain, if not in conflict. I would rather wait: version 11 has just been released, there may be bugs, edits, minor additions and so on. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *sigh* Is that how this project handles that? If so, then I want to ask all the mod authors for permission now, just to have that covered. Where would I best be doing that? Of course, preliminary translations would have to be checked against the then current version of the mod later. It's just for having *something* to start with. I don't really expect any results before spring anyway.
  2. I'm asking because of translation. Some time ago, we started a German translation (don't recall which version that was). Granted, there hasn't been progress for quite some time now, so it's entirely possible that there may never be one. Now and then, however, people ask for a translation, and others get interested in contributing, so I'd thought I'd ask anyway. Adding to TRAs even if they've been released before is no problem. We could, of course, just start (or better: go on) and ask again if we ever come close to completion. Thinking of it, that's probably the best way. So... errm, just ignore me.
  3. Congratulations. Would it be possible to release a traified version?
  4. Heya, in the Tweak Pack readme, it says about the Valen/Solaufein style interjection: "This component also has an incompatibility with the Imoen Romance, specifically with the chapter six post-Bodhi dialogue." Does anyone remember what that incompatibility was? Or (though that may be too much to ask) a pointer on how I might find that spot? (The naming of variables in the Imoen Romance is... disturbingly vacuous.) Thanks...
  5. That is great news. :) Short question only: Will the Fixpack continue to be independent of game language? (Apart from Game Text Update, of course...)
  6. In the standard game, HLAs are only documented in the HLA selection screen. Introducing such a section into the kit description would be a good move, imho. There is no such thing as too much documentation. *g* @igi on "power-gaming": So you'd remove the documentation of kit abilities like "gains poison resistance at level 20", too? Putting it only in the readme only shifts the "power-gaming": are HLAs listed in the kit description, I start the game, read the descriptions and choose my kit. Aren't they listed, I open up the readme, read the kit descriptions, and choose my kit...
  7. I'd prefer a new HLA section as well. Documentation in the Readme is all nice, but having access to it in-game would be useful, as well; esp. if there are a lot of changes to the HLA system. Adding them to the Advantages/Disadvantages lists can clutter up those sections pretty fast.
  8. German: @10= ~Drachenfaust Indem er sein Ki darauf fokussiert, ist der Mönch für kurze Zeit in der Lage, körperlich mit dem Wesen der Magie selbst in Kontakt zu treten. In diesem Zustand entfernt er mit einem Schlag die Schutzzauber von seinem Ziel. Dadurch bannt er die Zauber Panzer, Schild, Furcht Bannen, Geisterhafte Rüstung, Schutz vor Kälte, Schutz vor Feuer, Schutz vor Normalen Geschossen, Feuerschild, Geisterrüstung, Steinhaut, Schutz vor Säure, Schutz vor Elektrizität, Schutz vor Normalen Waffen, Schutz vor Magischer Energie, Schutzmantel, Schutz vor den Elementen, Verbesserter Schutzmantel, Schutz vor Energie, Absolute Immunität sowie die entsprechenden Zauber der Priester und Naturzauberer. Keine Auswirkungen hat der Schlag auf bestimmte Wesen, die der Magie besonders nahe stehen, wie Leichname und Rakshasa. Der Zauber "Zeitstop" bewirkt, daß die magische Energie während seiner Wirkungsdauer nicht verändert werden kann, und schützt Magier daher vor dieser Fähigkeit des Mönches, bis der Zeitstop endet.~
  9. In the game, it's static (basically Hold, I believe). As for speaking - that depends on how strict you interpret "completely unable to affect the outside world". Maybe he can speak, but no one can hear it?
  10. I think it's easier to have the creature giving the quest appear by script. Scripts are easier to patch into the game; and with a spawn point, afaik you have almost no control over which creature appears. On the other hand, I can't really think of an advantage of using a spawn point. Heh, but writing the quests is certainly the major obstacle.
  11. Like Tutu? *runs from Ghreyfain* From 4. Feb. to 5. Feb. 2002, Solaufein goes from v9 to v11 and introduces TRA files - start of WeiDU mod translations. If that is worthy including, that is.
  12. Strange... I didn't have any problems accessing CoM in the last days. Sometimes, I get the impression there's a guy at the other end of the internet rolling the dice which pages people can see.
  13. @37 =~Oder vielleicht haltet Ihr Euch eher zu Lathander. Wenn das so ist, solltet Ihr zu seinem Tempel eilen. Es spielt keine Rolle, für wen von uns Ihr diesen Auftrag ausführt, wenn es nur schnell geschieht.~ "and" is "und" in German. Caswallon
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