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  1. I've been away from the Baldur's Gate series for years, way before the EEs came out, but I'm amazed and pleased to see that SCS is going as strong as ever. SCS has always been one of my favorite mods, but at the same time, I'm very nostalgic for vintage BG1. So my ideal version would also support bringing the gameplay back as closely to BG1 as possible. For the player characters, most of that can be achieved simply by self-restraint; don't dual wield, ignore the kits, don't use thief traps, etc. It's a bit of a hassle to distinguish between BG1 and BG2 spells, but it's still possible. However, I've noticed that restricting SCS casters to BG1 spells only seems to be an option for BGTutu installs. Would it be possible to implement that option for the EE too? And possibly even remove non-BG1 divine spells from PC spellbooks on top of that? From the readme, I've noticed kits have been added to some enemies, but this can be changed with an ini entry, which seems good enough. How well does SCS function with other legacy BG1 elements that can be modded back into the game, like the simpler weapon proficiencies? Has anyone done some comprehensive legacy BG1 game mechanics mod, and if so, would that be compatible with SCS?
  2. David, you probably know this better than anyone, so correct me if I'm wrong: There seem to be recurring instances of vanilla BG1 casters having too few spells for their level; This seems less like a bug to me than a deliberate design choice. Bioware might have added levels to these characters to give them more hp and better saves, while keeping their offensive power manageable for players. Nevertheless, since we're all using SCS for the challenge, upping the number of spells should remain the SOP for buffing those encounters. In a few cases, where this might lead to too strong encounters, you could leave the number a bit lower. Nobody says all mages have to be at 100% capability at the exact moment they meet the PCs.
  3. The red dragon in Watcher's Keep talks about his treasure "horde". Should be "hoard".
  4. I suspected something like that. With BG1 spells only, that's a huge gap in efficiency between the no prebuff/prebuff choices. Which means a third option appears to make a lot of sense. Ah, my mistake. I just looked it up to find that AD&D 1st Ed. had 6 second 'segments' and that optional 12-15 second 'combat rounds' were later introduced. Nevermind then. It's a good argument. but I'm not requesting pre-buffing to be dismantled entirely, but for an additional option to be added for 'casual but not too casual' players who don't prebuff for every fight, and who don't necessarily require enemy NPCs to play at their best theoretically possible skill. As others said, an unpreventable MGoI on every mage leaves few tactics for a player. If there's variance in how prebuffed a mage is, that'll add some unpredictability, and gives more options to the player. Yeah I know you don't use all specialist classes. I don't fully understand why though. Spells don't get more powerful if they're from the specialist school, so a diviner would be less restricted than an invoker. Even if classes are more restricted, that would mean they'd have to use more unconventional spell allocations. More variance = more fun, IMHO. Yeah, a mage who doesn't have access to the most important defensive spells might turn out to be a pushover, but NPCs shouldn't choose their class according to powergaming principles. To some extent, the same goes for spell choices; we can't assume that every mage in Faerun has already found/bought all the most effective spells there are, and transcribed them into his personal spellbook. There's room for choice between avoiding obvious stinkers like infravision, and having memorized a full complement of spells that are custom-tailored to take on a 6 man player party. Larloch's Minor Drain and Chromatic Orb may be sub-optimal, but it's not unreasonable to assume any mage (not just a specialist) might have them memorized instead or in addition to Magic Missile. Sweet!
  5. I want to voice my opinion on the pre-buff issue; First, I agree that non-prebuffed mages would be too easy. I'm not sure which spells they still prebuff with even under that option of SCS, but I suspected it would trivialize most mage fights. But I also agree that full prebuffing is likewise problematic, because of powerful short-duration spells like MGoI or Imp. Invisibility, as others have stated. Regarding the meta-game explanation for pre-buffing, (Scrying, hidden alarms, etc.) I think we should keep in mind AD&D's round system; One combat round is 6 seconds, a turn is 10 rounds or one minute. Now, as regards to the prebuffing rationale, it's a bit farfetched to assume every enemy mage would be able to predict the PC party's arrival to within just a few seconds, or even less than a minute. It would only take a minute miscalculation, or an unexpected delay for the party, and the mage would literally be standing there with his pants down and his protections expired, if he buffed up prematurely. I have absolutely no problem with multi-turn spells, such as Shield, Protection from Missiles or the various Armor spells, or even Mirror Image. But the 1r/lvl or fixed 10 round spells are pretty much in-combat spells by design. So basically, I'm all for an intermediate option where those spells don't get prebuffed, or alternatively, a randomisation algorithm where mages only get to prebuff with 1-5 mid to short-term protections, starting with those with the longest duration. If you want to go further, you could even include Diviners who always perfectly prebuff, the rationale being that they can predict the party more skillfully, as well as Conjurers not getting to prebuff at all, because they lack divination. And talking about intermediate options; Is my request for Prot. from Normal Missiles excluding +2 and higher enchantments still on the table, or have you decided against it?
  6. That would be another way to solve it. It'll require a judgment call as to how many and which arrows get changed. You may also run into some balancing issues when it comes to fighting monsters that require +1 enchanted weapons to hit, though I don't know which of the BG1 monsters are such.
  7. Yeah, the problem is, once you start tweaking and balancing, you won't see an end to it. There are plenty of useless/underpowered/overpowered spells, item and abilities in the IE's rendition of 2nd Ed. AD&D. Why change one, but not the other? 'Fixing' them, or making them more closely resemble their P&P versions, is best left to other mods. Also, as is becoming apparent, everybody seems to have their own idea or preference as to how to fix/balance things, so no matter what gets changed, someone's bound to be displeased. For a mod that aims to stay as true as possible to the original game, and hence appeal to the most players, it's probably best to avoid going into this too much. I've made my original suggestion as you've already tweaked the spell yourself, and based the AI's use of it on your version. In this context, I agree that casting the original spell is basically a wasted round for the AI, but full immunity strikes me as a bit too much for a third level spell. I think my original suggestion is a decent compromise between purism and tactical challenge. It's simple and in-between both existing options. If an AI mage uses it, it'll still require a tactical response from the player, even though it is easier to counter. It doesn't achieve some mythical level of perfect balance that will please everyone, but nothing would. My second suggestion has some legitimacy for the SR mod, but not really for SCS.
  8. Good to see you're back again, David! Yeah, a straight bonus to AC vs. missiles would stack with the baseline armor spells, (and the Shield missile AC bonus, I guess). PC mages would get even lower with all the anti-missile equipment available in BG1. Impervious to anything but a natural 20 wouldn't far off, in such a case. I'm not so fluent in 2nd Ed. AD&D that I know of the top of my mind what a balanced AC bonus would be. Personally, I like the idea that it improves with caster level best. Maybe not +1/lvl, but something in the ballpark. How high level do enemy mages get in BG1? Option 1 would be quite a nerf of NPC mages, assuming the player goes out of his way to keep a supply of +2 missiles against mages. Still, it's a bit more 'puristic' than either the current change, or option 2, and also allows for the use of crossbows and slings, while otherwise only special arrows can penetrate the tweaked PfNM. Option 2 only came to me when I was writing the post. It has the advantage that PC mages will be nerfed alongside NPCs. If it's used in addition to option 1, PC mages would remain impervious, while NPCs would be nerfed less. Alone, it is probably a more balanced choice than either the vanilla BG1 spell, the current tweak, or my first suggestion.
  9. First of all, let me say that I've been hoping for years a mod like SCS I & II would get made. Thanks for the great work David! Here's my request, though: While I can completely understand you reasoning for buffing PfNM, I'm not entirely happy with it in it's current state. So I have one request, as well as one alternative suggestion. 1) An intermediate option where PfNM doesn't protect against +2 missiles, but works the same as your revised version, otherwise. While +2 missiles aren't super-rare in BG1, unlike the +1, fire, ice and poison ones, they aren't in limitless supply either. You could stock up on them from shops, but you won't have that many of them in a casual playthrough, and as such, making them completely useless against PfNM seems a bit too much for me. 2) Alternatively, or additionally, instead of providing complete immunity against even magical missiles, how about changing PfNM so it also gives a non-trivial bonus to missile AC? Somewhere in the 5-10 range, or +1 per caster level, something like that. This way, PfNM isn't completely useless against the player, but neither are missile weapons completely useless against enemy mages. You'd still have some chance of spell disruption, even if the bonus were so high you'd only hit on a natural 20.
  10. First of all, sorry for the thread necromancy, but I have some further questions on this subject. I hope there's still someone around to answer them. Are you certain that's the way in BG1? (and PnP?). As you can't get Grand Mastery in BG1 without removing the XP cap, I never achieved GM there, but both the BG1 and IWD manuals state that GM gives you an extra half attack, not a full attack. I don't know how it was in 2nd Ed. PnP, but given that Bioware wasn't afraid to stray from PnP in such matters as spells per level and the like, that alone isn't a fully convincing argument. If BG1 GM did give a full attack in game, that might just as well have been an oversight. In any case, regardless of the underlying truths, it should be possible to include the option of an intermediate 'BG1 manual-style' Grand Mastery fix. I'm not alone in thinking that the current 'True GM' is overpowered, while the vanilla BG2 GM is underpowered. An in-between option would be much appreciated by me and many others. So, the question is, is there anyone willing and able to update the tweakpack for that?
  11. This, and the information in that link should be bolded and the first thing in any mod readme. I naively believed that the wonders of WeiDU would ensure my game returns to a pristine state whenever I uninstall all mods. Being at the end of my knowledge, I just made a complete reinstall before reading your answer. The result: Absolutely no problem. I was even able to continue my savegame. As I haven't read your reply earlier, I don't have a restorable backup, but thanks to you I'll never make that mistake again. EDIT: Hey! They even have the necessary files for download in that thread! It's pretty clear now it must have been some sort of override folder mess-up from repeated installing and uninstalling. Thanks for the help, without you I'd still be wondering what the hell the cause was.
  12. Alright. So I did what I said, uninstalled every single mod, and then installed just the Core Fixes. The unmodded game runs fine, but with the Core Fixes, the game freezes whenever a demon death gaze or my innate vampiric touch is about to hit its target. As Winston Churchill would say, 'This sucks!' Going from 6.1 to 6.0 or vice versa made no difference. So, I guess there's three questions left I hope someone here can answer: 1) What do the death gaze and innate (haven't tried the spell though) vampiric touch have in common in the core fixes, that could cause this? 2) How do I go about fixing or removing these specific components? 3) Why is this bug apparently only happening in my game, and not everyone else's who uses the fixpack? I guess I only have three options here; forget about the fixpack entirely, go back to the ancient baldurdash fixpack, or try completely reinstalling the game. Even if I don't get an answer, I wanted to post this for reference, in case work on the fixpack ever gets picked up again. EDIT: This old thread references the same problem.
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