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  1. Muse

    Gavin for BG2 now available

    Congratulations on the release. I cannot believe how quickly you did this. Thank you for creating such a lovely NPC, berelinde.
  2. Muse

    BG2 Gavin Status Report

    Oh, such wonderful information. I'm all aquiver.
  3. Muse

    BG2 Gavin Status Report

    Gavin is my favourite NPC. No contest. And while I secretly want to get my greedy little hands on him right NOW, I actually don't mind the wait. Because I know that it'll be worth it.
  4. Muse

    Bard Songs

    Hm... will the songs be voiced, then?
  5. Muse

    Happy birthday, g'lain!

    Happy (belated) Birthday!
  6. Muse

    Happy Birthday, Muse

    Aw, THANK YOU! Heh, I actually didn't notice this until today. Silly me.
  7. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    First: thank you all so much for your positive comments. And to answer Domi's question: no, I actually didn't even think of Perrin when I made the portrait, even though I have read the books. I based it on a picture of Johnny Depp. And, although Johnny is handsome enough, I hope the portrait doesn't really resemble him anymore, as that would mean that I failed in doing what I intended to do.
  8. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Can't blame me for wanting a little praise, right? But I'll stop now. Really, I will.
  9. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Heh, final version. Promise.
  10. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Nah, it is rather dark. But I am currently too busy (lazy) to do anything about that. Also, I kinda think it looks better somehow. It works with the highlights and shadows and stuff in the picture. Although, I might be wrong. I tend to become blind to mistakes in my own portraits, probably because I stare at them for so long. So, I always appreciate constructive criticism.
  11. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Okie, Durlyle with cloudy background and Durlyle with brighter green background: There. I hope everyone's happy now.
  12. Muse

    Keli or Inara

    Hm... I'd have to say that I prefer Inara. I'm not entirely sure why, but I do.
  13. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Weell... I made a more Delainy-ish version of the Durlyle portrait. Green eyes and all that.
  14. Muse

    Portrait Preferences

    Aw, thankyou.
  15. Muse

    Portrait Preferences