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  1. As others have mentioned, it helps to play through without mods for the first run-through. If you have played AD&D 2ed or similar, then you may be ok, but very few new players at this point will have played the base RPG system on which the game is based, so knowing spell counters etc. becomes very difficult. If you want to play with mods, I would recommend turning off the pre-buffing of mages/priest from SCS. That is the single mod item that increases the difficulty of the game the most, in particular from a new player's perspective.
  2. I could probably proofread as well. I can't test at the moment as I won't have any time to play for the next couple of weeks.
  3. Worked perfectly . Triggered the creation of the final save, Sarevok essence movie and Dynaheir ending.
  4. Nope, not that I can see. Where should it be? Also: Sent you the file via e-mail.
  5. I don't know if that is Tutu specific, but from what I recall from last time I played through BG1 (long time ago) it saved after the Sarevok's death movie. I.e. you killed him, movie -> save. If that save actually represented the state before entering combat I have no idea about, but that is from memory. How do I post a file here? (The Help section did not cover this :/)
  6. Take a look at Galactygon's work on his spell pack over on Black Wyrm. So yes it's definately possible.
  7. Hand it over and I'll have a look Depending on how much it is it could take anything from 2 hours to two days.
  8. How much worse can it be than "Dead man in a can" (lit. translation from Norwegian)? A 200g can with 2000cal (basically your army day's consumption of energy)... umm... also known as rations. Then again, enough tabasco or Cajun spice will fix anything... except self dead chicken (tried that the, Cajun spice wasn't enough).
  9. Nope, I'm asking for a Tutu version, as the CoM stuff works, but not everything converts properly, and occasionally some missing bam or something will crash the game. They "work" but there are still minor problems that crop up... and if someone has already done the conversion for themselves... plus it would make installation much, much simpler and hassle free. The big one here would be install/uninstall by components and at will, rather than deconvert-uninstall-reconvert... which almost drove me nuts a while back. It also, I suspect, makes errors caused by mods a bit easier to track, as any conversion is dealing with far fewer variables - no mods to clutter up the conversion itself.
  10. Sorry to butt-in here. Hlid - you wouldn't mind tlaking to the CoM people would you... I 'm sure they wouldn't mind a Tutu version of their mods... and well... I'm pretty sure it would be appreciated by folks other than myself as well. Even if the mods leave some things to be desired - like game balance (occasionally). Edited - composition errors.
  11. Thanks! The quick response was much appreciated, and it answered several unasked questions for me. Take Care Edited for typos.
  12. Thanks, it's actually in the Battles mod, not the Ruad mod (got moved around Ruad v. 16 or something like that). It is a separately installable component, however the weidu is still 127 and doesn't auto update. Is there some way to force an update of the the weidu "installer"?
  13. I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place to ask for this, but if it isn't, just point me in the right direction... The icon for the Mace of Disruption +2 needs to be fixed. Currently it uses the generic Mace +2 icon which is abotu as inspiring as a wet towel. I haven't seen it fixed anywhere I've been popping by, so maybe you folks could take care of it in the next G3 tweak pack? Thanks.
  14. Kabuki


    LARP = Live Action Role-Playing Og det går helt fint å spørre på norsk siden to av oss sa i fra at vi sannsynligvis forstår språket. In any case it is roleplaying, meet improv, meet a ruleset, meet theatre... sort of.
  15. Kabuki

    Iain M. Banks

    Second this - although for fantasy folks I recommend "Inversions" (brilliant) and for the rest I recommend "Use of Weapons". He also writes plain fiction under the name Iain Banks, which is also worth a look.
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