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  1. http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/refinements razly
  2. A few options here, really. You could remove HLAs altogether. Or you could install Refinements, which balances the HLAs to a pretty good extent. You could install Spell Revisions to balance the spell system. Or you could just install the component of SCSII that nerfs Greater Restoration, so that your clerics have to be a bit more diverse. Rogue Rebalancing has already been mentioned. You might as well take a look at aTweaks as well, which IIRC gives a few options to balance clones, among other things. razly
  3. Welcome! Any forum is the appropriate forum around here. Nothing much gets moved, since how much does it really matter, right? Make yourself at home. razly
  4. Okay, I'm bored. So I'll waffle about my script a little: choice /c rsefvq /t 10 /d f if %ERRORLEVEL% == 1 (set modlist=restricted.txt) if %ERRORLEVEL% == 2 (set modlist=standard.txt) if %ERRORLEVEL% == 3 (set modlist=expanded.txt) if %ERRORLEVEL% == 4 (set modlist=full.txt) if %ERRORLEVEL% == 5 (set modlist=evaluative.txt) if %ERRORLEVEL% == 6 (exit 0) This menu allows me to select any one of the five different mod lists that I have sitting around. It's necessary to have different lists, since not all mods are compatible, for one thing; but also because my mood is a fickle little nuisance. After 10 seconds, the menu times-out and defaults to the full install. If I hit the wrong button, it beeps at me. We then run: for /f "eol=; tokens=1,2*" %%i in (%modlist%) do ( echo Installing . . . %%i if exist setup-%%i.exe ( setup-%%i.exe --language %%j --skip-at-view --force-install-list %%k >nul ) ) ... and get output like: Installing . . . bg2fixpack Installing . . . bg2_tweaks Installing . . . something_else etc. Can you see how much of my life I've wasted? razly
  5. Yeah, I can't believe how long my script got. It started off so simple. But I kept adding to it. And adding to it. ... and now I'm not even sure if I know how it all works anymore. If I had to write it again from scratch, I'd shoot myself. (Edit: Sorry! I misunderstood. Yes it will. And you can edit the prices with NearInfinity: http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~joh/ni/download.html) And this is the (definitive?) CLUAConsole reference: http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/appendices/clua/bg2.htm You might like the StorePrices mod: http://america.iegmc.net/ardanis/ razly
  6. I can do you one better. (If I thought people might've been interested, I would've put this out sooner.) I've got a rather large script that does the full install of BG2 without any need for user input (including installation from the setup discs). It's mostly pretty idiosyncratic. I'm not sure it would work on other systems, and it asks for a pretty specific setup (namely, my own). But it can be made to work on any system, with a bit of effort. This is a stripped-down snippet from the script (the real thing is plugged full of sanity-checks): for /f "eol=; tokens=1,2*" %%i in (modlist.txt) do ( echo Installing. . . . . . . . . . . . %%i if exist setup-%%i.exe ( setup-%%i.exe --language %%j ^ --skip-at-view ^ --force-install-list %%k >nul ) ) Just put that in a ".bat" file. Then all you need is a file called modlist.txt in the same directory as the script, with content similar to this: a6xppatch 0 0 1 bg2fixpack 0 0 1 2 3 101 102 111 112 113 ub 0 6 oversight 0 2 ... this is the name of the mod (the filename between "setup-" and ".exe"), followed by the language number to use, followed by a list of components to install. The benefit of doing it this way, is it's extensible. It allows you to add runtime options to select a different modlist or whatever. Come to think of it, though, it may just be very annoying... depends what your requirements are, I guess. I started with the single list of calls to WeiDU, but that became very quickly cumbersome, for reasons you'll figure out if you go down that road. If you've got any more questions, or need more code, just ask. razly
  7. But don't you think it's so much easier to complain? The alternative is, uhm, to learn SSL. razly
  8. Haha. You've got your own insurgency now. That is, alas, the price of success. razly
  9. The world will not explode with an extra 2 files in the override. The caret and the ampersand have special meanings on Unix (which includes OSX), FWIW. (Then again, so does almost everything in some context or another.) Just a minor heads-up. razly
  10. What's BUT_ONLY? Do you think I should upgrade from v153 of WeiDU? Heh. On a serious note, I have this pathological problem remembering what BUT_ONLY actually does. I left it out on purpose, would you believe? My thinking is still stuck in the dark ages, when the biggest, most hugest benefit of BUT_ONLY, was that it prevented all those painfully slow write-to-disk operations. Sigh. I'll learn one day. razly
  11. There is. And it works (as an equipped-effect for items, atleast). razly
  12. The game faints if creature files aren't of atleast the minimum size. That may be your problem. Add this code to the end of one of your mod's .TP2s, and then install the Check Creature Sizes component by launching the mod: BEGIN ~Check Creature Sizes~ NO_LOG_RECORD COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.cre$~ ~override~ PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE < 0x2d4) BEGIN PATCH_PRINT "%SOURCE_FILE% is too damn small!" END It will tell you if any of the files are too small (I think. Haven't tested it. But it's perfectly harmless to try). razly
  13. I'd take out the thickset dwarf, myself, since it's wise to get rid of the greatest threats early, and that would probably be the dwarf, right? You do this with your own AI, when you program it to ignore incapacitated opponents; all hits on Held opponents (for example) are automatic (no die gets rolled), and this is comparable to the lightly armoured wimp. razly
  14. Are you talking about the ToB portion of the game, or SoA? I've never played with that component. I was wondering, in practice, how many opponents end up with HLAs in SoA? Are they overpowered for that point in the game? razly
  15. Major revision has to be stable. That's what major revision numbers are for. This is an intermediate release that hasn't been extensively bug-tested. razly
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