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  1. I don't understand. 1. I meet Drizzt initially at AR4200. 2. I fight off the gnolls. 3. I go save Dynaheir. 4. I meet Drizzt again, this time at AR5200. 5. He gives me the parchment, I choose the "Drizzt and party" search option. 6. He tells me to meet him here (by which I assume to mean AR5200) in a day. 7. He does not return. 8. I clear out AR5200 several times, rest MANY times, leave and come back MANY times. He does not come back. Now, I've read through everything already. The documentation and the forums posts indicate that he will never respawn in AR4200. But that's not my problem. My problem is that he's not respawning in AR5200. The documentation also indicates that I have to run into "Good Gnolls" for him to reappear. But I've yet to run into THEM either. Where are they?
  2. After I helped Drizzt out with the gnolls, I went on to rescue Dynaheir. I ran into Drizzt again, and this is where the problem is. After handing me the journal page, he walks off and does not return, even after 24 hours. I've walked around and cleared the map...no dice. I left the map, and came back....still nothing. Am I missing something here?
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