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  1. IEGMC Europe, the biggest collection of Infinity Engine Game Mods and Conversions has moved to a new server. It has a high-speed international connection. The technical background is provided by Baronius & the Black Wyrm Group. The file collection is maintained by TheWizard. http://iegmc.blackwyrmlair.net http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showforum=67 Have fun!
  2. This thread has brought tears to my eyes. I'm ashamed of the people that thought they could do this.
  3. Nonetheless, it's a pretty interesting concept, and I'm actually going to play the game again so I can check it out. Sounds pretty good to me, and it's getting me to play again after a long time.
  4. Heh, I just felt like pointing this out.... Didn't expect a whole little discussion over it... ( <--While looking for the appropriate smilie I came across this....) Anyways, I haven't experienced any speed problems. It works immediately for me.
  5. I'm sure this is common knowledge since SG() is known, but the BGII triggers G(), GGT(), and GLT() are pretty simple... G()=Global() GGT()=GlobalGT() GLT()=GlobalLT() And they have been tested. I don't see how this would work for anything other than a global, same as it is for SG(). Yup, just felt like putting this up.
  6. Do you have a global that get's set so the cutscene doesn't restart?
  7. OK, this works in PST and makes the creature move 1 to their right. In bg1 this makes the character spin around in circles continuously. I can't get IWD to install on my computer.
  8. No, this action is limited to those who are in the party.
  9. I forgot whether igi wanted me to post this or not, but here it is anyways.. AddMapNote() does work. IF Global("AwMapNote","GLOBAL",1) THEN RESPONSE #100  AddMapNote([20.50],~IESDP~) SetGlobal("AwMapNote","GLOBAL",2) END That's the script that I used, and it worked perfectly. Of course I had to set the global via console, but it works with True() as well. I just tested this to see if it worked differently for globals. Apparently not. EDIT: I forgot that you need to increment the global or you get the map note listing the string several times.
  10. I have tested this in BGII and it doesn't work at all. Results for other games are soon to come. PST, IWD, BGI are the ones that I'll include.
  11. I've tested this and #283 does NOT ignore immunities in BG2. I'll test the others later.
  12. And that is correct. The script that I used is: IF Global("AwIESDP","GLOBAL",1) THEN DisplayStringHeadOwner("ring31",~IESDP Test~) SetGlobal("AwIESDP","GLOBAL",2) END That didn't work. Several tests on it as well, and it won't work. So, there we have it. Party members only.
  13. http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/quotes.php What do players think of the popular mods, why are they good? Do you want to see their comments? Check out Black Wyrm's Quote Collection! Have a memorable quote that you'd like to see associated with your mod? Submit it for inclusion in our Quote Collection!
  14. I really don't know. He's still around, but I haven't seen him in quite a while.
  15. I would like to mention that their are some new screenshots for this project. As well as a small preview made by dragon_lord. You can find them both over at the Black Wyrm Forums World Transition Project forum. I would also like to announce that this TC is now under the new management of dragon_lord. WTP Forum
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