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  1. I actually created a new game in SOA, found Gavin, took care of his business, made sure they got intimate, and then just loaded that game in TOB. So, He was in my party from the beginning of TOB. Technically I guess I cheated.
  2. I've started playing through the TOB portion and there's is one sentence that bothers me. It was during Gavin's "First Night Together" love talk and when my char asked if he would take care of stocking up on the herbs he responded with "This time, I want the first time to be as pleasurable for you as the second". It just seemed out of place to me. I can't really connect it to anything they've said up to that point in the convo. It just felt out of the blue.
  3. There are no proper words, in any of the languages I know, that express the immense joy this statement has brought me. I don't know if I died a little on the inside or if my heart jumped for joy. I should probably see a doctor... Good luck! I hope all goes well with this Beta.
  4. Have hope! I doubt this will just fade away before completion
  5. I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. I don't know why that made me crack up, but thank you xD
  6. That's horrible!!! But those things happen I guess
  7. It's kind of like how a watched pot never boils. If you find something to occupy your mind then the time will fly by faster! Then you won't be all antsy about waiting for the release of the mod.
  8. I wont complain if it has more dialogue than most
  9. BG1 and BG2 both installed and work on my laptop (windows 7) without any problems. I usually fall for the Paladins and lawful fellows Part of it may be that I am usually playing a good pc. I can never play an evil character. When I was younger I had no problem stealing in the games and even went on a killing spree quite a few times, I killed my fair share of innocent background npc's . Nowadays I can't even force myself to make evil choices. I can create an evil pc, but by the end of the game I'm always good lol I feel like I've gone off discussion =/ But I would rather finish my romance with Gavin in tob (I hate unfinished stories) than flirt with sand in nwn2 (besides I'm content with Casavir -sigh- I do love my paladins) That's just my opinion Toodles, ~Jessception
  10. I completely understand how you feel! I live in Texas and it's so hot outside that I don't even want to walk out to my car anymore. Just 20 minutes out there makes me pass out from heat exhaustion Don't know what I'd do without air condition. Good luck!
  11. Hallo, I've just recently started on a npc project of my own and I was wondering what exactly do people expect from friendships and romances? If I ever get anywhere with this work in progress I would like to have it well polished if/when I ever share it. I would like a variety of dialogue options (but not so many that you would have to scroll down to find your preferred response). For example I was working on some Friendship talks (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, yes I realize this isn't how you code them. It's just easier for me to read them in this format. That way I don't stress my brain if I want to change something before I actually properly "code" it) ------ I suppose It might be helpful if I fill you in on a few aspects of my npc, although nothing is really set in stone yet. Name: Barren Elwood Gender: Male Race: Half-elf Age: 25 (Young blood, could change) Alignment: Chaotic Good (could change) Class: Fighter (could change) Background: Barren claims his past is boring and therefore is not worth talking about. He was born into a family in Umar Hills, however before he was old enough to create any memories his parents were killed on their way to Trademeet. He was sent to Athkatla and grew up as an orphan of sorts. He has been working as a helping hand/guard for a fisherman in the docks district for a few good years. Where you meet: Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks district. Personality: He is always optimistic and attempts to keep the party's morale up with both his silly and dry humor. He isn't afraid of looking like a fool as long as it gets a chuckle from someone. (This next part could change) He has similar views as Valygar regarding magic. Magic has never affected him personally, but he strongly believes the world would be better without it (or at least more "fair" as he would put it). My basic intention was: 1) I wanted a half-elf in the game lol It may just be me, but I haven't seen too many half-elf npcs. 2) I had this crazy idea for one my pcs that they would hate magic and believe the world would be better without it and so WHAM now Barren believes so. (of course after I planned this all out I realized Valygar had already claimed dibs to the anti-magic campaign I had a brain fart obviously). 3) I believe every party needs a man who can play the fool! (without being a bard) ------- As I said, nothing is set in stone. I would just like to know what "other" people look for in these things. It's easy enough for me to create a npc to my liking, but that would be selfish, no? Thank you for your time, ~Jessception, The Mighty Tired
  12. I suppose I am a selfish pc It's not that I wouldn't mind if two of the npcs hooked up... I just don't want to see/read it (plus I like to hog all the available npc men for myself ) Bottom line: I'm glad the npc/npc romances are mostly optional ~<3 maybe one day I'll be able to appreciate the effort that goes into them
  13. Thanks for the update ~<3 (I pretty much check the forums everyday for any updates, obviously I don't have much of a life )
  14. Ecstasy Haha that would be the one word I notice misspelled. Oh, where does my mind wander off to... It's all those romance novels I read
  15. If you would still like some more testers I will be happy to pitch in. I know some modders like to keep the number of testers limited, but I thought I would offer anyways. Worse you could say is no
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