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  1. Re - installed the mods yet again, started a new game: voila, it works! I guess the problem was installing Gavin NPC before the NPC Project. All's well that ends well. Thank you for your time and tips, people .
  2. I see. Thank you for your time . *is off to re - install everything*
  3. Yes, sorry: I missed the _ sign, what I meant was _AJANTJ. Just got used to not noticing it. Lines of dialogue that are probably not supposed to not only be said at a certain time, but by Ajantis at all. I cannot copy&past the opening lines from IE.085 (it won't let me), but for example: X#AiFriendTalk starts with 'Cheer up, Kagain!' (Alora's line, if memory serves) X#AjantisShieldGone starts with 'I see now why you protect the plants with such fervor; obviously you were birthed from within the brambles of a thorn bush.' X#AjantisRepSellerComplaint starts with '*Shar-Teel jumps away.* Idiot!' The case is similar with every other talk in the dialogue file. No, I'm pretty sure it's not that - the rep was 12 at the time, and he never said anything about 'associating myself with you was beneath my honour' and so on. Just those random lines I mentioned earlier. Alas, no. What was supposed to be his remark on reputation turns into a line about the Candlekeep library. Any other options? No, thank you for the work and the fast reply
  4. I know it is no longer supported, but it does not mean that it can no longer be praised! Whoah... what can I say. Theoretically, this mod has *everything* that is bound to go wrong. A noble elf with an angsty past, a dead loved one and a guilt complex. A therapeutic romance, or, alternatively, a happy and non - canon ending for a previously tragic character. A resurrection of a canon character that was supposed to be lost forever. And still - it is insanely good. Written with such skill and grace that the theoretical rules become forgotten and unnoticed. I adore the way this mod continiues where NPC Project left off, with such details as Kivan's wedding gift bow and quite a few interesting 'catching up' banters. One could see that they were used to determine the nature of PC's relationship with the ranger, but it still was very subtle, and never destroyed the 'atmosphere' . Another major thing I liked is the lyrical, melancholic style of writing. It fits the character very well, and proves that the author knows her elves;). I am no expert on elven lore myself, but could clearly see that this mod avoided the mistake many make - it explored an elf, not a human with pointed ears. The mod is pretty much a 'choose your own adventure' one, with plenty of options to explore, making this expansion a vital part of the game, not just a one - time add - on. And another thing: thank you for the graveyard banter! I have not yet seen a mod that would give the PC an opportunity to honor Sarevok; I always assumed Charname buried what was left of him, but seeing it in dialogue was just priceless. Great mod!
  5. Curious what leading a good - aligned party could turn out like, my CN bard decided to travel to thew 'ankheg farm' and join forces with Ajantis. Alas, the squire keeps saying... strange things. I checked his dialogue in IE.085, and found that AJANTJ consists only of lines taken from other dialogues. I have Easy TUTU for ToB, BG1 NPC Project (obviously), Gavin NPC, Ajantis Friendship, Coran Friendship and The Lure of the Sirine's Call installed. Already tried another download and a re - install (twice). Is there any solution to the problem? Also, it is a great, great mod, like I posted a loooooooong time ago. Really brought the NPCs to life and made me want to play BG1 again, again, and again.
  6. I got a new CD2 a few days ago, the game is working (hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!; kalooh kalay and all that), therefore I was able to play this great mod. Ad rem: This has to be the best NPC mod I have seen in quite a long time. I believe it's main advantage is the fact that the character is very believeable and 'real'. No angsty past, no unusual ancestry, no supernatural skills, no uncommon drama. Normal flaws, normal virtues, prosaic problems. By that description, one would think Gavin might turn out uninteresting. Nine Hells no. The writing is excellent; in a class by itself. Therefore, no fancy add - ons are needed. There is also a very broad choice of PC responses (my CN roguesse was delighted to have an opportunity to jest about Gorions death; she says hi, BTW ) covering almost every conceivable matter, from pastimes of choice to faith. 'Tis something I appericate the most: many modders (not from here! )tend to be content with the standard three response options: evil, neutral, and good. In this mod, the possibilities cover an infinitely larger spectrum. What is more: I am singing such praises even though I have not played through all the content - PC, being CN and sort - of - in - love - with - Sarevok, did not fancy Gavin . They did flirt for some time, however... which reminds me: a fine bit of crossmoding. I was surprised to see he would react to RE. To sum it up: once again, a great mod. Damn, this NPC is so realistic that I found myself noticing how he resembled an ex of mine.
  7. :) . I think Haer'Dalis used this name with Keldorn and Minsc as well. Maybe it is his regular nickname for the more warlike kind of do - gooders, heheh.
  8. Ah, my bad: I remembered the Polish version. The word 'kruk' is both raven and crow, and I somehow mixed the two. Silly me.
  9. I liked the banter and your way of capturing Haer'Dalis' way with words and unique retorics. I'm curious: will Naomi get her own bird nickname? I see the bard adressed her 'crow', but if memory serves, that was also his cognomen for Charname?
  10. Thank you very much, I really appericate the effort .
  11. Hi people , I have a question concerning translating English phrases into Elvish. Could someone be so kind and recommend me a good online translator? I have a really hard time finding a decent one, and am not devoted enough to learn Sindarin or Quenya just so I could scribble some lines in a fanfic... Thanks in advance!
  12. Some of the characters (Jan, Cernd, Khalid) get really low scores (5-15). Other characters (Viconia, Mazzy, Keldorn) get higher scores (25-40). The test is not infallible. You can only get one point for each Sue attribute, but if that attribute is driven home ad nauseum, its impact on character perception is far higher than the number would suggest. So you could theoretically have a character with <10 Sue points that still feels like a Sue because it's massively overdone. Sorry to derail this conversation. I figured that since you yourself have an interest in making sure your character isn't over-the-top, you might be interested in the pespective. Sorry to derail this even further, but which test are you referring to? I have a hard time finding a reliable one for RPG characters (maybe I am in the minority here, but I think this genre allows a tiny, tiny bit of pretentiousness more than, say, literature). Once again, sorry OP, I could not help but ask .
  13. Heh, Berelinde, once again you articulate something I had in mind, but in an infinitely clearer way . The warrior is pretty much the standard character. Someone who decided to rely on a set of skills not requiring years of secluded training/study, a natural talent, a strong dislike towards the law or a religious calling. As stated before, "a plain fighter could be written in plenty of ways"... but it does not have to be a plain fighter at all, skills - wise, even without going dual class. Healing, tracking, etiquette, alchemy(and so on, and so forth) are important skills for any adventurer, regardless of his actual profession. I know, I know, Sue points, but you can not go wrong with giving your NPC only one or two of them.
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